Religious Fanaticism – When Religion Defines A Person

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Religious fanaticism is uncritical zeal.
  2. Religious fanaticism comes not from deep faith, but from a lack of it

I brag a lot about my life, my rules, and my preferences. But, in reality, no one asked me about my preferred name, birthplace, parents, siblings, and most importantly, the religion that I want to follow. After a minute of my birth, I just had an update about these, and I was asked expected to stick to those throughout my life.

Religious fanaticism is trending nowadays and right from the day one on this earth, I was told to believe in certain useless philosophies. My forefathers instructed me strictly that I must not dare to doubt religion or God’s existence because that will be considered an act of blasphemy. And, without any shadow of a doubt, will attract disastrous consequences.

I have several things going on in my mind. Sometimes I feel like these preachers are confusing things. If everything is connected with Karma, then why do they claim a supernatural power behind that?

If every action of mine is pre-planned, then why these preachers held me responsible for the wrongdoings.

What is correct; when they sermon about doing hard work and leaving things to God, or when they talk about horoscopes and stones to make things better? I am really confused.

Why people get very much agitated when someone talks about religion? Who is infusing these values? How can we justify religious massacres; killing someone because he is not in favor of an ideology established by a group in the majority?

Why it is so big deal, if instead of donating things to a worship place, I want to donate the same to a more needy person?

Why is it all about religious beliefs and why cannot we promote human values? How hard is it to understand that existence of religion is because of people?

Why do I need a religion fanaticism to define me?

Why do most of the preachers, instead of enlightening us about the benefits of introducing religion values to our lives, are threatening us about the consequences of not following their own cooked blind and useless philosophies?

What could be more shameful for the religious leaders of a particular community, when a few miscreants from other communities start labeling them as a group of nuisance creators. I simply do not understand, why I need someone to tell me what is good and bad for me, even after having my own wisdom teeth?

Instead of using technology for spreading religious harmony, troublemakers are using it for promoting hatred and religious imbalance. They are trying to make their say count by degrading and defaming others. Perhaps, this is the reason that religious intolerance among us is rising.

No offense, but killing an animal or a human, to make God happy and killing a person because he killed an animal; I see no logic in there. Do not get me wrong.

I am strictly against killing; let it be butchering an animal or treating a human as a scapegoat. How can you make God happy by killing his own child?

Dear people, before rectifying our notions about religion, we need amendments in our ideologies about God’s existence because these two are interconnected.

The sole idea that works behind the religion is becoming a pure soul so that one can meet the real God and attain salvation. Here, we first need to clear our doubts about the existence of almighty God. There can be only one truth, either God is nowhere or everywhere. Once we get this clear, then, we can proceed with our ideas of religious beliefs.

I am no saint, but this little even I know that no religious book talks about hate and no religious book downgrade others. None of these books support hatred and killing of innocent people.