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Secrets Revealed - Reasons Why Men Fall For Bad Girls
Secrets Revealed - Reasons Why Men Fall For Bad Girls

Reasons Why Men Fall For Bad Girls

Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Bad girls are easy going.
  2. No showoff of decency is required.
  3. Instead crying over betrayals, they have things to do.

It’s no more a secret that men love bad girls: sexy, feminine, fun and independent. Are you a bad girl?

Yes! today you are going to learn about the million dollars’ question – Why men fall for bad girls? With some girls, men just want to spend an hour, while with a few others they want to spend a lifetime together. Thrill and charm of a “bad girls” may be difficult to ignore by a man and hard for a girl to emulate, but it will always part of life.

Ask a man, if given a chance to choose from a steak in blood with a bottle of wine or a book on the life of Maggi noodles. Young cowboy might give you a different answer than the one with a more mature mind, but all men might be tempted to go on steak.

Nowadays, men who are in a stable relationship will usually do the right thing, but men who are in a situation where they could opt for adventure and variety.

Women fantasize about bad Pirates of their romance novels, while men think of a woman they can go to any extent with.

Nature made us so. Finally, just try to assure perpetuation of the species. Men know they cannot live forever with Skittles and other sweets. They need something more substantial.

If Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway would sit in the corner and a man should choose one for an hour and one for a lifetime, what would you do? Correct. Here are few reasons, why men do love bad girls.

Do Not Rush To Start A Relationship

As you know, men like the spirit of adventure and are not rushing to get involved in a relationship. They will not bind together. Like men, ‘bad’ girls appreciate independence. They enjoy doing anything they can and they want to. They want a life free of explanations. So, whatever a bad girl wants, is a perfect match for an adventurous man.

They Are What They Are

Girls evil eyes always attract men. They wear clothes that highlight them, so their challenging look triggers all instincts of men. They always choose clothes that accentuate their femininity. They don’t think much about wearing some high heels, low-cut blouse, and miniskirts. And, men love these.

Have Sense of Humor

Men really hate it when they have to be careful all the time about what comes out their mouth, especially  when they are with females. But, in case of bad girls, they don’t have to worry much. With bad girls, it is okay to crack some dirty jokes and syrupy language. In their company, men feel relaxed and should not pretend to be something they are not.

Bad girls do not complain that the music is too loud, as they’re cold or hungry. No explanations needed for any misuse of words. Simply go straight to the facts

I’m Good in Bed

Although this work has not been scientifically proven, most men are convinced that a bad girl is “bad” in bed too. Men know that sex with a bad girl can fulfill all their fantasies, and this is the top choice for men.

Bad girls know how to satisfy their own fantasies while forcing the arousal of a man to reach its peak. This is why bad girls go everywhere they want to.

Have Dignity, Pride And Know What They Want From Life

Unlike good girls who are submissive as well, bad girls know what they want out of a relationship. Instead of shouting “pick on me!” or crying over a betrayal; bad girls aim at their own comforts.

They know how to stay safe, happy and how to enjoy the best of everything. Let me tell you, nothing attracts a man than a woman who is self-dependent and easily satisfied.

In addition, man don’t like a woman who is always available; available for pissing a man. Men like women, who follows – ‘live and let live.’ Seriously; men don’t like a woman who wants to live her life on the terms of the world.

Bad girls know that there is no need to make concessions or to please the man to conquer the heart. They are not playing as singing.