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Confession – When You Get To See The Real Colors Of People

Confession - When You Get To See The Real Colors Of People
Confession - When You Get To See The Real Colors Of People
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No one can teach you the things that a bad phase of your life can. In the time of adversities, you get to see the real colors of people and you get to meet your real well-wishers. This story revolves around a man, who always sacrificed his dreams for his own people. But when he expected a support during this hard phase of life, his family rejected his all pleas.

With a heavy heart, I turned the car ignition. I was trying to hide my tears. I was trying to pretend that the reason behind my tears was dust particles and not the taunts of my family members. I was in my own world of thoughts, while I was trying to understand what made my family members treat me like a shit.

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This all started, when I had to shut down my business because of an unexpected loss. That was the day when I experienced bitterness in the relationship. After shutting my business down, I was totally handicapped and I was completely relied on my family, even for my small financial expenses. In a few days, I was made to learn my first lesson, “there is no free lunch.” Every time I asked for money, they treated me like a beggar. For the first time in my life, I cursed myself for spending my hard-earned money on my family members without thinking.

I was driving the car much slower than the required speed. I was so deeply lost in my own world of negative thoughts that I nearly missed a giant truck. I was about to hit that from the back, but somehow I managed to pull the handbrake.

“If you want to die, please die after safely dropping us.” One of my family members, who was sitting beside me, screamed at me.

This time, I was completely broke. I mean, how can a family member say this another family member. When we are sad or broken, we expect our family members to support us, morally and economically. But, what would you do, if the same family treats you like a burden?

In my good time, I did every possible thing to make my family happy and proud. I voted relationships over money. I did every possible investment to increase the balance of smiles. I never thought about increasing my own own bank balance. Without thinking much, I sacrificed every single penny on their happiness.

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But after losing, I count it as the biggest mistake of my life. I am confused. Should I see it as my misfortune or fortune? Do I really need to feel sad that my own people have treated me like a stranger or should I feel happy that I now know their true colors?

I realized that after being hit with a business loss, most of the people put me on their contact block list. Many of them who crowned me as their ideal, were now treated me like an example of failure or misfortune. My family member added their share and instead supporting me, they ordered me to contribute my share of the expense. I was asked to pay even for my kid’s milk. I remember, how I was not given any money to get myself treated for a stomach infection. I was told to bear my own expenses.

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My family member tried their level best to get me out of that house. At every moment it was said to me that I am a pauper, who is like an eclipse on their happiness. In front of others, I was represented like a bad omen and my own people were not ready to leave any chance of insulting me. Then, came a time, when I started to feel like a disgraced person.

People use to tell me that my family is treating me like this because they wanted to see me doing good with life. That’s okay. But, I also think that it takes some time to stand after an accident and at that time a person expect a help from his family or friends.

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Something similar happened even that day. I was told to leave my home and as a part of my ancestral property, I was being given a house in a township, that was more likely a hell. When I opposed, I was told that this is what I deserve.

That was a day when I strangled all relationships. I told my wife to pack her bags as I had decided to leave my house. As I reached home, I went straight to my room. I still remember, my kid was suffering from fever (103) that it was too cold outside. But, for me, spending any next minute at that place was like killing myself.

We had several rounds of meaningless loud discussions and blame-games that night and around 2 in the night, I called one of my friends. For that night we stayed at his house. Then, in the next morning, I talked about this to my friend living in America and he offered me his vacant flat. After a few days, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper, which was about to oust me from immovable property.

This time I was happy that I had come out of the swamp of rotten relationships. After 2 years, I moved to America with my wife and my only kid with the same friend. Now, I am appointed as an engineer in a very reputed mobile company here and am very happy. My life is back on track.

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Some days ago, I bumped into the same friend, who picked me at 2 a.m. that day. While talking, he told me that a few days before his arrival in America, he had met one of my family members. He even gave me a number of that family member. But I intentionally littered that slip.

Now, I seriously don’t give a fuck, if people label me as an idiot or opportunistic. But I have buried all those relationships and I do not want to jump into the same mud again. Now, I feel, why people say that relationships these days are becoming materialistic. It is all about money and success. No one wants to be with you if you are sailing through a stormy sea. But you are never supposed to ditch people, who were with you regardless of your circumstances.