what should i do to start a job or business?

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I am too confused after PG what should i do to start a job or business?

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Hi Prashant.
Be it a job or business.. nothing is free from challenges. When we need to choose between job or business, we have to work out –
Level of Freedom
Pay Consistency
Dependence or Independence
In case, we have people looking at us (for financial support), we cannot allow ourselves to take risk; we can only take calculated risks. Ask yourself, is family always going to be your priority? If yes, then business is not for you because in business you won’t be able to give much time to your family. So, freedom is going to be at stake. Try to understand that business is not like a fix job where you do your regular work and at the end of day, go home in peace. Business means consistent hard-work, investment, risks, pressure of surviving. Then, for business, you need a lot of financial backup. You can make millions in one financial years, and you can completely crash in the other.
If you are ready for that much risk.. if you can put every single thing you have …

you can opt for a business If not, then here goes my suggestions

1 – work on your attitude and learn to deal with complicated people.. whether he is your boss or your senior..
2 – learn to play diplomatically
3 – upgrade your skills and be irreplaceable
4 – side-by-side, keep doing things that can secure you.. like future investment.. And, best investment is .. learning new skills.

Here are a few articles that can help you –

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