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Hello, so my name is ankita and I am indian. I met this guy on facebook he sent me request then one day I wanted to enquire about the colleges in canada so I texted him, he responded casually. After few days he texted me back asking about one of my photos and from then we have been talking continuously. He had one indian girlfriend and he is crazy about India. But our conversation is majorly based on my looks and my body and how he likes this kinda body we exchanged photos as well but he told me he wants to meet me and wants to have sex with me and he doesn’t believe in falling in love or about the girlfriend boyfriend concept. He says we should date first and then commit to something. My problem is I m really into this guy as I think he is perfect for me and we share the same life goals and interests but I am scared that I might not satisfy him and he will leave me and find someone else and I really want him to fall in love with me first rather than actually doing it on the first meeting. I told him this then he said he will stop talking to me if I start making things complicated. So what should I do now? If u can please guide me cause I really want him in my life. Thank you for reading this.

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Dear Ankita,

This is nothing, but infatuation. After reading your question, I must say, you still need to work on your emotional intelligence. The guy has already told you about his intention; he is looking for nothing, but sexual pleasure. You are confusing his sexual interests with love.

You said he shares the same interests and goals. However, this is again your perception. Who knows, he might be faking his views? Maybe he is just saying it to attract you.

Throughout your question, I cannot see any commitment from his side. Moreover, he is asking for a having sex first and commitment comes thereafter. My dear friend, stop fooling yourself.

Should you be looking for someone as your long-term partner, then this is not your guy. Undoubtedly, you are falling for the wrong person. Be wise and move on.

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