My wife keep telling everything to her mother. Help

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Dear Sukhdeep. I read your articles n question. I am +ve that you can help me here.
We are a martied couple. 10 yrs. My prblm is My wife share everything with my mother in law. And, my MIL cook stories using that info, which she then use to spread rumors about my family. Last Sunday, me my wife n my family went for outting. N she shared every lil detail wid her modr. And, to which her mdr replied, ur in laws r rich, but don’t let ur husband waste money on dem. This really pissed me off. Please help

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Dear Akshit

I have a very simple and straightforward solution to your problem. If you are already done with communications i.e. if you have already told your wife to not to share everything with her parents and she is still not listening to you, then the best way to stop this problem is – work on the source of her information. In other words, you need to find out, who is telling her things about your family? Is that you? If that is you, then you must not share things with her that you don’t want her to discuss further.

As you said, you and your family went for the shopping and she shared every little detail with her mother. And, it made you upset because your mother-in-law used that information against your family. Well, it simply signifies that there is something not good between your two families. If your MIL is spreading rumors against your family, then she is definitely not in your favor, too. She is actually fueling the hate between you and your wife.

Now, as your wife is sharing everything with her mother, then it means she is very close to her mother and she is never going to listen to anything against her. She trusts her mother more than you or your mother. That is why, she is not listening to you, but her mother. I have no doubts, she is never going to understand your importance until you make her to feel so.

In short, my dear friend, you are struggling with a marriage that can go wrong anytime.

Honestly speaking, you cannot control someone’s mouth, but movements. If you are not comfortable with this habit of her, then you must not involve your wife, especially when you are with your family. At the same time, you must not visit your wife’s family. This will send them a message and if your wife really cares about you and the marriage, then she will surely change herself. And, if not, then it is better to apart your ways.

No point of staying in a relationship with a moron.

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