MBA or Business ? What to do?

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Sir Me & my brother have completed our B.Com this year. My brother got admission in a reputed MBA College but I failed in Entrance my family is disappointed by my performance. I always wanted to open my restaurant & start my business but I’m worried too about the future of my restaurant dream? Plz suggest me something & advice me on my restaurant build up dream. ?
Yours sincerely

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Studying business and doing business are two different things. You must understand a simple thing that – not every businessman is an MBA and every MBA is not a businessman, either.

To an extent, a degree in business surely helps. But, I believe, to become a successful businessman, you need skills rather than a degree.

You don’t need me to tell you that most of the business tycoons are school or college dropouts.

Now, to your question of starting a restaurant business.

First – is this our passion or you are just fascinated by this restaurant thing? I am asking this because if this is your passion, then you can go up to any extent to make it happen. And when I say “any extent” — I simply mean — hard work, patience, and determination.

So, you need to find an answer for this before you proceed.

The food industry is one of the most competitive industries and you not only need skills here but formal education as well. Be it a kitchen area or front-desk; you need to learn the secrets of dealing with customers and their preference. I am not saying that you should be the one behind the apron or reception area, all the time. However, you must learn the tactics.

No denial, the restaurant business is a show-business and there are countless legal formalities involved. In simpler terms, you need a lot of money for space, advertisement, interiors, exteriors, kitchen equipment and a lot more other things.

However, without having any formal experience of handling such a business, I must say, making any investment is nothing but a stupidity.

I am not saying you should join some hotel management course. However, I would like to emphasize the importance of having some formal training. For this, you can always look for an opportunity with one of your favorite restaurants.

Do not forget to read  – Education Vs. Experience – Confusion Between Degree Or Experience

In the end, all I would like to say is –

Learn the secrets and start with baby steps. Once you know, you can walk on your own, then sky is the limit.

Good luck.

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