Is it possible to start career in arts and craft after short-term course?

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I m a banker and I m a science graduate but I don’t want to continue this job anymore.As I m really interested in arts n craft since school time but what to do to change career at this time.plz help

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Dear Bhavi

Making major career changes after a certain age can be little scary, but it’s very exciting. We need to understand that reorienting career after 30 is not going to be as easy as it was at the age of 20 or 25 years.

Nevertheless, what is the fun of doing something that you really do not enjoy?

It is okay that you can restart your career with a short-term course. However, before switching, you should ask these questions –

  1. Is that short-term course worth learning? In other words, do you think, you will be able to meet the entry requirements after doing that short-term course?
  2. Passion and skills are two different things; to get a job you need skills, but to survive in that job, you need passion. So, ask yourself – do you have the skills?
  3. You need to estimate the time required. You need to understand that changing careers has several phases and you need a lot of time in between. The point is, will you be able to allow yourself with sufficient time for that new change without losing your patience?
  4. Are you ready for the financial setback? Every career shift leads to a financial setback for a certain amount of time. So, ask yourself, “How is this shift going to affect your financial situation and do you have the backup for that amount of time?”
  5. When you plan a career change after a certain age, the biggest problem you face is – the pressure of age. Are you ready for that?

I know, “sailing on two boats”, is not a wise thing to do. But, at the same time, “putting all your eggs in one basket” is not a good thing, either.

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