I am 33 years old and still have no idea what I want to do with my career, what to do?

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I am 33 years old, doing Job in Pvt Bank. The job is good but i am not having job satisfied and motivation as like in the first year of my joining. I want to move to different career. I had done Graduation. I still have no idea what I want to do with my career, what to do?. I couldn’t understand what is the career which makes me much motivated and give me satisfaction.

Some times i thought about NGO or social work, Toursim and Hospitaliy, Food, Hotel Mngt, Travel and Nature makes me happy. But i dont know about these careers and am confused what to choose which is related to me.

I am unmarried and my parents live with me. Job is also necessary for running my family.

Hope you can give suggestion or advice for my career path.

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Thank you sir so much for the guidance. I will definitely think about this.

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Career confusions are not new. Many of us go through this dilemma. After working for a few years in one field, we feel that we have not made the right choice regarding career.

As you mentioned in your questions that

“Sometimes I thought about NGO or social work, Tourism and Hospitality, Food, Hotel Mngt, Travel, and Nature makes me happy.”

It is clearly evident that you are passing through a phase of career confusion; a confusion that most of us have, when we reach the 35th year. The confusion is perfectly normal. There could be several reasons behind this confusion

  • Whatever we start we get bored soon. This is because we do not do what we are interested in.
  • Insecurity is the biggest reason. We all make wrong career choices in early life, and then we suffer.
  • We feel that our friends had made the right choice and they are doing good, but not us.
  • We do not want to work under the instructions of someone because of our nature.
  • We don’t know how to deal with work culture problems, stress, office politics.
  • The way we want to work, we are not allowed to do so.
  • We are not happy with our current financial situation, that is, we are not happy with the salary.
  • We feel that all fields except ours are very good.

Sadly, all these confusions are a waste of our brains.

Alteration in a career is okay if done once or twice. But if this becomes a habit, then we should understand that our priorities are not right.

The problem is not with the choice of career, but with the mindset.

We want things to move in our way and get upset when they don’t move the way we want.

At this point, the best thing you can do is – rearranging your priorities.

  1. Money
  2. Job Satisfaction
  3. Peace of mind

And, if you want all of these in one – do something that you enjoy and never get tired.

Profession becomes a hobby when you love what you do. Undoubtedly, financial limitations are there.

In NGO, you might not make that much money as you can make in a bank. But, again – you need to fix your priorities.

You need to answer yourself – what you want from life.

Do you need more clarity on this, you are always welcome. Do write me back, if you have any more concerns. I would love to help you.

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