How not to get attracted to the beautiful girls working with us.

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Dear Sir or madam where I am working there is a girl who join in our company when my marriage has been already fixed but I like very much since long time but I have not tell her that, I just watch her think that if come before my marriage I propose her but now she is married and I am also married. But I watch her daily and attracted with her.Due to this I am not concentrate on my married life. So please help me that how I ignore her while she works with us.

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My dear friend, it is not an attraction, but an infatuation. To make myself clear, I would like to quote the dictionary meaning of infatuation. “Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.”


Basically, we get attracted to someone for several reasons –

  1. Our own inferiority complex
  2. Our insecurities
  3. No control over emotions
  4. We let others control us
  5. Attention seeking nature
  6. Socially isolated personality


Here are a few solutions  –

  1. Shift your focus or attention.
  2. Find out what is so attractive – is it physical or emotional?
  3. Control your sexual and romantic thoughts by making a negative comparison.
  4. Think about the qualities of your wife.
  5. Keep your distance from the person.
  6. Ask yourself – do you really want to risk your married relationship for a person you barely know? Moreover, to the current point, you are completely unsure about her thoughts.

Please be advised that this is nothing but a momentary one-sided infatuation.

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