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I am in a relationship with a girl from last 2 years. I love her a lot. Actually our relatives are common so everyone knows us. Everything was going great in our relationship and one day my partner told her parents as I already told that we have a common relatives between both families. My partner parents send proposal of marriage through my relative to my family but my family said no to them. Here’s all problem starts when I ask my family why you said no they told one of relatives told to my parents that my partner family has very bad reputation in society which I know is wrong. So my parents agreed with relatives that their reputation is not good. I am form Jalandhar, Punjab doing job in Delhi for last 2 years. I love her a lot and I have resigned my job and on 28 July I am going back to hometown. So please advice how do I convince my parents because I have less time otherwise my partner parents will fix her marriage with someone else. Please advice I don’t want to loose her.

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Let us start with a very common issue. Someone truly said that love is blind. When we love someone, we purposely ignore the negative sides. Due to our own insecurities, we tend to ignore every all those things that we think can ruin our relationship.

My dear friend, you are in a similar situation.

I am not saying that whatever is being said about the reputation of your partner’s family is right. Nevertheless, you must try to dig out the reality. Before tying a lifetime relationship, where two families are going to be one, please do not rely on rumors.

You need to convince your parents about whatever is the truth. If you have done enough investigation and you know that someone misled your parents, then you are supposed to prove those rumors wrong, about your partner’s family reputation.

At this time, you have two options –

The first option – Investigate the rumors and you do your best to find out the truth. Only after this investigation, you will be able to convince your parents. You will have enough proofs in that regards and you will be able to tell your parents that whatever is being said about her family is bullshit.

The second option – No investigation and moving forwards. In this case, I am afraid, you have to deal with later consequences. You may have to go against your parents. Are you ready for that?

I see no harm in doing a little investigation. Dear friend, this is a question of your life. Marriage is not only about husband and wife. It is about two families, as I said earlier.

Before you convince your parents, find out the truth. And, if you have the truth, then share the same with your parents. Prove that rumor spreader wrong.

Just imagine, how big trouble your family will have to face with if the rumors become right?

Case Study

I know a case personally. In that case, the boy was so attached to the girl that even after his parents’ objection, he somehow convinced his parents for the marriage. The girl was exceptionally sweet with her talks. Right after one week of their engagement, the girl’s family invited that boy for a dinner. During dinner, the girl’s family expressed their concern about not sending their daughter to another town. And, they forced the boy to buy a house near their locality.

To this, the boy refused. After some time, the girl started misbehaving. And, after a few days, the girl’s family threatened the boy that they will lodge a fake police complaint of dowry. The boy’s family, they are very simple people. They scared. And, to shut this topic off, they paid nearly one lakh rupees. Later that month, the boy investigated the girl’s family and he discovered that they have committed this kind of forgery with another guy, as well.

The only purpose of telling you this case was – to make your aware.

Things can go really wrong. So, it is always better to look a few things practically than emotionally.

The only purpose of telling you this case was – to make your aware. Things can go really wrong. So, while forming a relationship, you must keep your eyes open.

Rumors can destroy anything, but sometimes a rumor can save yours from a big trouble.

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