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I am BE 2007 pass Out and Done ME in 2011 after that i m start teaching in engineering college and I have total 3 year and 10 month experience but last 4 year I m busy to take care of my child and now u want ‘re start my career but I m not intrested in teaching I m always want to work in it sector but due to family issue I m not able to do but now everything solved and I want to do job in it sector is this possible if possible than what we have to do to start my career….

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Dear Avani

Undoubtedly, you can restart your career anytime you feel like. However, this time, you have to be very careful about the selection of your career stream. Now, you must choose something you really enjoy and passionate about, if you really want to have a successful career.

Career dilemmas are common nowadays. After working for a few years in one field, we feel that we have not opted for the right career.

As you mentioned in your questions that – you are not interested in not teaching and passionate about work in IT sector, I must say, you made the same mistake of not having a career strategy.

IT Sector is very flexible in terms of entry. In simpler words, anyone with some basic knowledge of computers can enter.

Now, the question is – in which branch?

You must understand, like any other field, you can either start as a fresher (where you won’t be earning good and you may have to work for free until you learn things) or you can have some paid training (industrial training or paid lessons) and then try your luck.

As you are a mechanical engineer, I suggest you should go for courses like computer-aided design (CAD), design engineering, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), etc.

Otherwise, there are a lot more other entry options available like mobile development, website development, digital marketing, and so on.

Do you still have a question in mind, please feel free to write me back.

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