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What Kind of A Girl An Indian Man Wants To Marry With

Qualities a Man Looks for in His Future Wife
Qualities a Man Looks for in His Future Wife
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Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

When it comes to marriage, a woman’s personality is more important than her physical appearance.

The general concept is that women want very much to get married and have children, while men are terrified of the idea itself only. But it seems to be far from the truth. Studies have now shown that at least lately, men want as much as women to have long-standing relationships and children. In this article, I will be telling you what kind of a girl an Indian man wants to marry with.


The first and most important quality a man expects from her future wife is honesty. After all, who would be willing to live his life with a person whom he cannot trust? But in this case, honesty means authenticity and originality.

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We men are not concerned about your past; we all do have stories and episodes. Dear ladies, if you are kind of women who want to look different than actual; we are sorry, but you are the one who scares us the most.


A loving relationship should be based on a strong relationship and friendship. For a man, it is very important to be able to talk openly with his partner without feeling judged, criticized or rejected. Social norms require them to always be strong men, not to complain or to show weakness.

Even we have things to share. And, the only person before whom a man can fearlessly express everything is the woman they love. Men are attracted to women that make them feel comfortable and confident. To have a woman as a partner who can offer emotional support, with whom they can feel totally relaxed, and open is the dream of every man.


Modesty in behavior, a way of dressing and speaking are the important criteria that men have in mind when they seek a long-term partner. No doubt, nowadays women are very much fascinated by supersexy kinda looks.

But, dear ladies, when it is about marriage, men do like modest women and not magazine models. For us, personality is more important than physical appearance when it is about choosing our future wife.


Most men are attracted to women who put their femininity. Traits such as tenderness, sensitivity or empathy are the most important characteristics. Men often women fall in love with the woman who is warm, pleasant than those who have a cold attitude.

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They like to “nanny”, but moderately, so as not to turn into teasing. Therefore, they fall in love with women who care for them, even in a symbolic sense.


Women who have a strong character and integrity, are the most preferred marital candidates. Women are becoming more sexually adventurous and most of them are not really concerned about the values of their fidelity as compared to the older generations.

Dear ladies, it is okay that you are broadminded and sleeping with strangers or having NSA is not a big thing for you. But, trust me, when it is about marriage, men seek women with a strong character; someone who can show them that is consistent and reliable.

Think about your dream husband; would you mind sharing your life with someone, for whom loyalty is nothing, but a burden.

Sense of Humor

A compatible sense of humor is another important factor when it comes to attraction. Men prefer women who appreciate the jokes and instead of taking everything seriously, know how to take things on the lighter note.

Ambition and Industriousness

Like females, males also want a partner who is ambitious and industrious. Unlike other stereotyped men who are bullied by ambitious women, most of the men want a partner who can be perfect support in all shores of life. Men are extremely fond of women who are full of energy and determination.

A Desire For Kids and Home

Although we men do appreciate your ambitiousness, kids and home remain our top priority. We don’t want you to spend your complete life behind the four walls of our house, but females who are not serious about their home and kids, men seriously don’t buy any of their lies.

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In addition to these, we want a partner who is mature, sensible and who loves to handle things independently without much assistance, but discussion. Men always want to be in the loop, when it is about family and other things.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

As a wife, we want a partner, who keep us on top priority when it is about sharing things or making decisions that are going to affect our relationship. At the same time, men want you to act more confidently and securely.

A pretty face will get old. A nice body will change, but a good woman will always be a good woman.