“Premature Ejaculation” I’M Finished

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Are you the one who leaves the pitch right after first delivery; within one minute of penetration? The technical name of this embarrassing situation is – “premature ejaculation”. In the books of medicines, this term is known as a condition that causes men to have little or no control over their ejaculation. How about if I tell you that premature ejaculation have clear roots in the evolutionary development of man; more than 1 in 5 men are affected, but there are many effective ways in which this problem can be addressed.

Let me walk you through the History

Alfred Kinsley was the man who first defined the problem; he discovered (in 1940) that a large proportion of the male population ready came within minutes after the start of sexual stimulation. His research was the limited to the cases of premature ejaculation 3 minutes. Similar studies have been repeated, and results on the stamina of men during sex varied. There are several names for this problem, but premature ejaculation is used as a scientific term for the problem of orgasm quickly in men.

Main Cause behind the Premature Ejaculation

The bottom line is, men and their sexual fantasies at very early age. The men become sexually mature at the age of fifteen years and most of us get a chance of real sex after twenty years’ of age. The gap between desiring for sex and actually having sex is filled with years of masturbation. During this gap period, masturbation becomes a sexual routine and this leads to a poor control on ejaculation.


Initial Excitement

You get excited for the first time, will occur at this stage sometimes an erection, but not always. Your brain registers sexual stimuli. The reason we crowd immediately in a stage of orgasm because it’s in our nature – we try to use every chance of sex.

The ‘Want’ Phase

You are now aware of your sex drive and you will seek sexual activities. With a partner or without a partner, you often want to get out of your clothes, and if not sex, it is going to be masturbation. At this stage- the only important thing for you is your own orgasm and this will become your only ‘want’! You just want to want to cum. Many men describe this stage as the moment when they begin to fantasize all over ejaculation.

The Checklist Phase

During this phase, the body is ready for ejaculation. A number of physical steps must be put in to get ready. If not, then it is virtually impossible for our bodies to ejaculate. My point is – only thinking about ejaculation within 20 seconds, is not going to make you ejaculate; that’s impossible, as your body is not ready.

The (Pre) Point of No-Return

I use the word ‘pre’ because these are the last moments before the actual point of no-return. It’s the last chance to influence our orgasm before the ejaculation bet and we lose control.

Possible Solutions and Techniques against Premature Ejaculation

Relieve Mental Stress

Stress can increase significantly during sex, but also can be quite some tension arose before sex. When you are ready to have sex with a particular woman, you hope that you won’t disappoint and you try to make sure that everything goes well. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation, actually suffer even more of another difficulty – they are afraid of their premature ejaculation. When you’re in such a situation, you lose your mental control way before you lose your belt. The fear (or premature ejaculation) that you take with you into the bedroom, will ensure that you finish off very quickly. The voltage you need to make. In such a situation, it is advisable that you should talk to your partner about the problem, so this source of tension remains no more a secret and you can walk in the room with full enthusiasm and fear free.

Postpone Physical Stress and Orgasm

I don’t need to tell you that physical efforts and sex go hand in hand. In order to achieve pleasure and orgasm, there are a lot of actions, which require the best use of your muscles that are otherwise you rarely utilize. In fact, muscle creates the tension behind the premature ejaculation. This muscle tension is one among other causes of premature ejaculation. The more physical stress there is, the sooner you will be finished. The best solution here is – a massage. Ask your partner to give you a complete massage. It is going to reduce the tension; both physical and mental. Alternatively, you can also give her a massage. By doing this, you can shift your focus on her, and reduce the tension. Meditation and yoga exercises are also a good way to get more rest.

Tightening the Skin round the Scrotum

As I mentioned before – attracting the skin around the scrotum is an obligatory step towards orgasm. It is a reflex that was developed by the body of the man himself and it is an ideal way to protect the testes against the kinky sex moves. To prevent damage, the body has found a solution and by tightening the skin, you can bring the scrotum closer to the body. This technique also works fairly straightforward.

The Cone Exercise to Control the Orgasm

The Kegel exercises are a good way to delay orgasm, but you need to have patience and time. It is not so easy to get the pelvic floor muscle; the muscle where the whole exercise is about, relax. It is the muscle that tightens you if you want to keep your urine. This same muscle should come to be in a tension when the body wants to go to ejaculation. To gain ejaculatory control, you tighten the muscle again for a few seconds, then relax the same number of seconds. This way, you can relax the pelvic floor muscles during sex when you feel like reaching the no return point

The Start-Stop Method

The start-stop method is an ideal method to better identify the point of no-return. You cannot only use this method during sex, but also while masturbating. The trick is to always stop the later timing. If you continually postpone quitting, you’ll be getting closer to the point of no-return. After practice, you can then influence your ejaculation period. Should you notice that during masturbation you breathe faster, you should stop for a few seconds until you notice that the excitement died down. Then, you start again, and this time, you need to hold yourself for a little extra time. You keep doing this practice until you learn to judge your ‘point of no-return ‘. As you can practice this while during masturbating, you need no one to bother and you can do it at your own pace. The better you know how the point of no-return feels like, the better you will learn how to intervene yourself during sex to delay orgasm. Finally, premature ejaculation has no chance.

Premature ejaculation is not a phenomenon that is associated with a disease, and it is, therefore, not severe. Premature ejaculation not only leads to sexual frustration, but it has other consequences as well – premature ejaculation can be a drain on your mental health, and it can possibly create tensions in your current or future relationship. But, again, one must understand that it is not a disease and often disappears when a man gains better control on his arousal during sex.

Finally, just want to quote what Rosamund Lupton said – Sex and humor are the heart and lungs of a good relationship.