Pregnant Women And Cravings – The Why’s And How’s

Pregnant Women And Cravings – The Why’s And How’s
Pregnant Women And Cravings – The Why’s And How’s
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  1. 90% of pregnant women crave some food or the other.
  2. It is important to eat a well balanced diet.
  3. Cravings do not necessarily mean that your body is deficient in something

The terms pregnancy and cravings go hand in hand. There is not a single pregnant woman who doesn’t get cravings. From pickles to potato chips and fish to fruits, they crave them all. 

It’s true that pregnant women have a tendency to crave food and we give you an inside scoop into pregnant women and craving. Also, we will tell you why it happens and what you should do about it.

This does not really start the day you find out you are pregnant. In most of the cases, in the first trimester, that is the first three months, anything and everything puts you off.

You may as well start hating your favorite chicken biryani that you used to savor before pregnancy. Yes, that happens too. No one knows for sure why this happens though. Hormones are not to be blamed entirely.

Real food cravings start around the 4th month of pregnancy. There is, obviously, no harm in eating the foods that pregnant women crave. However, you should always check with your doctor about which foods you should avoid given certain health conditions.

Pregnancy cravings are very different from the normal cravings that we usually get. These cravings are a lot stronger than the regular cravings. There are also a lot of old wives’ tales that tell you whether you’ll have a boy or a girl when you crave different kinds of food.

But what is it that makes women crave with so much intensity? There is science and research involved in it. For example, sometimes women crave spicy food. Science says that when women sweat after eating spicy food, it brings their body temperature down.

This is important mostly because with pregnancy comes a lot of sweating. And when you sweat, your body automatically cools down. But for some women, sweating doesn’t happen so your body makes you crave spicy food. At least this is what science has to say.

What do cravings really mean? If we are to believe some health professionals, at times it could mean a deficiency of some sort in the body. For example, a lot of pregnant women find the smell of dirt or sand very attractive. They might even want to start eating it.

When it does happen, it shows an iron or zinc deficiency. Similarly, a craving for chocolate or anything chocolate-like could warn of a magnesium deficiency.

That being said, there’s not enough evidence to suggest that food cravings are linked to deficiency in the body.
The question that arises now is what can you really do about these cravings? Whatever it is, we suggest you eat your most-craved food only in moderation.

It is important to eat a nutrient-rich diet. Eat only small quantities of sweet or overly spicy food items. Chances are that if you eat too much of sugary foods, you may put on more weight that you should. Similarly, eating way too much spicy food can cause you heartburn and acidity.

Top Food For pregnancy
Top Food For pregnancy

Heartburn and acidity are two of the most common problems that pregnant women face with. So, a little precaution goes a long way. Most importantly, avoid any food items that are raw or unpasteurized. For example, raw meat, unboiled milk etc.

Reason being that raw and unboiled food items are the birthplace of bacteria which can be harmful to you and your baby.