Preet Sandhu – A Successful Blogger & A Woman Entrepreneur

Preet Sandhu – A Successful Blogger & A Woman Entrepreneur
Preet Sandhu – A Successful Blogger & A Woman Entrepreneur
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  1. What is the success mantra behind a blog?
  2. Who can write a blog?
  3. What is the success mantra behind a blog?
Recently got a chance to have a meeting with Preet Sandhu; a successful blogger and a woman entrepreneur. And, if asked to summarize her, I can find no better tagline, but a hub of knowledge. So far, I have never met such an enlightened, discerned, clear-sighted, diligent, and confident personality.

Thank you Preet for the value you added to my knowledge. It was an honor meeting such a humble personality like you.

Bloggers, if you are looking for the insight secrets of making your blog a success, do not miss this interview. A few minutes of yours and I can guarantee, you will be having answers to many of blog-related queries that are not available anywhere else.

How Preet became a blogger? What was the inspiration, and why only a blogger?

Well, it all started 4 years ago. Honestly, before becoming a blogger, I tried a few other things. But, it took me while until I realized that my real passion is blogging. I used to write content for a client of mine. I won’t fake it. Primarily, the only reason behind the content writing was earning money. After some time, I developed a special kind of interest in writing. And, here I am.

Was it difficult for you? I mean I have seen people not taking women entrepreneurs seriously, be it any industry?

Unfortunately, I have a big YES for this. We talk a lot about women’s empowerment. But, when it comes to real world, there is a different “green screen (the one they use for filming indoor war movies).”

People never took me seriously until I made them hear me. I have been in connection with many females, who give up their dreams because people take them for granted. But, I must say, “if you have a dream, you must not let it go for anyone and at any cost.”

Do your things, and prove your worth. Make yourself a brand. The real victory is converting your rivals into your followers.

A lot of competition. How do you keep moving? How come no fear of rivals? How come no influence of negativity?

I am not because of my rivals. I am here because I always wanted to be here and I burned a lot of midnight oil. I believe, if you are clear about what you want to do and if you dedicated enough, you fear no one.

You have no time to see what story your rivals have got for you. Don’t lose your focus. Challenge your limits. Frankly speaking – it is a huge world and to tell others that you do exist, you need to do something (the healthy things) they don’t expect from you.

While your journey, you will be meeting with every kind of personality. Buckle up; it is not an easy journey.

Let us talk a bit about blog now. Who can write blog?

Well, anyone who loves writing can write a blog regardless of gender, age, ethnicity. You don’t need any huge investments for this. All you need is a computer, internet connection and ideas.

A basic understanding of blogging is a must though. You must know how to make it a revenue model; I mean you should be rewarded for the hours you invest.

What is the success mantra behind a blog?

Understanding, research, uniqueness, consistency, quality, and hard work; these are my keys. I know a lot of people talk about the same thing.

Let me break it for you. Suppose, you are doing a health blog and you want people to read you; first of all you need to understand whether you will be happy writing a blog on health?

Are you a health conscious person? I mean, it is about your own interest.

Second is research. You need to research what you want your audience to read about and what they want to read. Do you keyword research properly or hire a professional for you.

The third thing is uniqueness. What different story you have? If I am writing what others are writing, there is no fun. You won’t be bookmarking two different news websites that are showing the same news. Would you? Readers want something unique.

Next up is consistency. Keep updating your readers. Do not worry about followers, likes, comments or traffic in the beginning. Just keep your readers updated. Do not break the chain for any reason.

Quality plays an important role. Applying filthy techniques of marketing, you can make any number of customers fool one time.

But, should you lack quality, you won’t be able to have that reader on your blog again. Never compromises with quality; it is about your name.

Finally, hard-work. And, I don’t think I need to tell anything about it.

How bigger role demographic selection for a blog plays? I mean what is more beneficial – writing a country specific blog or global. People say, competing locally with ranked keywords is easy than global. What do you think?

Practically, it depends upon your niche. Be it a local blog or international, if it is not adding any value, it is not going to be a hit. However, if it is about ranking on Google, demographic selection for a blog is a wise move.

While competing locally, you will be dealing with a lesser number of competitors as compare to global. I must say, write something that you can certify, something you are confirmed about. Give right information because this is how Google ranks you.

Preet, How important is branding?

Very important. Like I said, there was a time when I was a “who” for many. But, I made people hear me. You need to promote yourself before you expect anyone to promote you.

Thousands of bloggers and millions of blogs, but people only know a few. The reason being they are brand and they have invested so much in creating a hype. I am using this word ‘hype.’

Mark your presence. Branding is very important and you need to be very careful about it. Fix some standards for you and allow no one, not even you, to break those.

When should a blogger expect revenues?

This is a contradictory question. I mean there is no definite answer. In my case, I managed to have my first ROI (return on investment) after three months of launching a blog.

A lot of hard-work and homework, I did for that. I wire-framed strategies that I followed those by heart. I was very strict with things.

My niche research and my understanding about the core of blogging, helped me a lot.

However, for newbies, I am not sure whether this time-frame is going to work or not? If you are not following everything you need to, you cannot be sure of any success. Again, it is about understanding, research, uniqueness, consistency, quality, and hard-work.

Can I hire someone for doing my blog?

You can. But, let me tell you, you are the one responsible for making your dream happen. You can hire some writer and search engine professionals, but you cannot hire the passion.

For success, you need passion. You need to understand what you are doing and only then, you will be able to move forward or plan things.

Finally, why do bloggers fail?

I have already answered this one. Again, it is a lack of consistency and passion. People start doing things without having a proper mindset.

And, then they start looking at traffic charts. Seeing no movement in traffic graphs frustrates them and they give up. You need time. You need strict standards and regardless of people’s gossip, you need to keep moving.

Converting hundred dollars to one thousand dollars is possible, once you know how to convert visitors into subscribers.

Thanks, Preet.

To conclude I can say, without a proper understanding of what you are doing, you won’t be able to do anything. Show some respect to your decision and devote your best. Marketing strategies are not going to bring any change in your product until you know how to use them all.

Preet Sandhu – A Successful Blogger & A Woman Entrepreneur

I have seen people paying huge amounts for paid seminars or online lessons. They are not going to tell you anything different. They are not going to share any secret because they don’t have any. There is no tool that can read a reader’s mind, but your own understanding.

Thanks Preet for making me understand that if your blog is not a bookmark of your reader, it is not a hit.