Countries You Can Visit With An Indian Passport Without Visa

Plan an International Honeymoon without worrying much about Visa
Plan an International Honeymoon without worrying much about Visa
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Do you always dream about a ‘honeymoon’ at a foreign location? Dare to confess me, you don’t feel like in love with Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha after watching them mingling in a song “Chori Kiya Re Jiya” shoot at Dubai Metro Khalid Bin Al Waleed station? The deserts, beaches, skyscrapers, dishes, people of other continents, at a point or another, we easily get mesmerized by these beautiful Bollywood shooting locations? “Hmmm, what to do? I can plan everything, but, this visa thing, it is a pain in the neck for me.” If you are a passenger on the same boat, here is good news for you. For nearly 51 countries, all you Indian passport holders, either you don’t need a visa or you can get it stamped at the first point of your arrival.

Let me walk you through a few of my favorite destinations that I traveled myself. Sorting is purely based on my likings, so, variation expected. I roamed around various countries while I was in Australia and to my wonder, they all are amazing; Almighty’s creation is so beautiful.

Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You

Fiji, 4 hours and 45 minutes’ flight from Australia and nearly a day’s flight from India, is first on my list. After watching Bollywood flicks like Table No 21, Kia, Let’s Talk Love, I feel like visiting there. Explored a lot about Fiji’s culture, languages are spoken, economy, currency rate and most importantly, crime rate. When you are preparing yourself for an international boarding, security comes first; after checking what to, your research keywords suddenly change to what not to do. Well here is everything for you:

Visa – Not Required. NO Visa for Four Months

Currency – Fijian Dollar One Fijian Dollar = 32 INR

Languages – English, Fijian Hindi, Fijian Language

Wild Areas – Suva has the highest crime rate but that’s nothing new and I had a few bad experiences about this place. Also, watch out for wild beach dogs at Nadi beaches; they are freaking dangerous and even natives refrain messing with them.

I like – Lautoka is awesome though you may encounter some military checkpoint. “Bula is the keyword here. Honestly, I don’t know its welcome, goodbye, hello, love, buy me a drink, I am bored or something else, but what I know is, “it is a one-stop shop,” and say it with a smile. If you really like someone to be your facebook mate, the keyword is – vinaka vinaka means offering your friendship to someone and not asking for him/her for a friendship.

Islands here are paradise and for the honeymoon, it is perfectly a safe place to visit.

Bolivia - Bolivia Awaits You

Next in my list of Bolivia. Located in western-central South America, this is a landlocked country. Brazil in its north and east, Paraguay to its southeast, Argentina in its south, Chile in the southwest and Peru in the northwest; it is amazing. This place is now becoming a hot-spot for Bollywood; shooting of Enthiran 2 of the megastar Rajinikanth (Tamil Cinema) and science-fiction Robot 2 of Bollywood Action Man, Akshay Kumar (with Rajinikanth) is scheduled here. If you ever been to Bolivia, miss not to visit places like Salar de Uyuni (flattest place on this globe and not to forget locally fashioned structures made from bricks of salt). Sunset views at Lake Titicaca are just amazing and breathtaking. I really liked the Carnaval de Oruro. Watching 28,000 dancers, all doing a broad variety of ethnic dances with 10,000 musicians accompanying them.

Visa – on arrival for 90 days, only at La Paz airport. Land entry requires prior Visa which is free of cost.

Currency – 1 Bolivian Boliviano equals to 9.99 Indian Rupee.

Languages – Mostly Spanish

Risky Areas – Most of the bloggers say a lot of wrong stuff about this place. People are really out-fashioned, they are confused and always stressed. Ladies wearing ethnic clothes are really scared of the camera, they think through the photo you are going to steal their souls.” They say a lot about the transport system here. But, to me, all is bullshit. In fact, I really liked it.

I like – But my experience says, trying getting under the skin of Bolivia; find a homestay and learn a few lessons in Spanish. The taste of Potosi boasted incredible hot chocolate is still on my taste-buds and I possibly ate the best steak of my entire life. Turfi rides are amazing and yes, do not miss to take smaller denominations of money.

Stay tuned, this list is going to be huge. In my next attempt, I going to talk about Thailand, Madagascar, Hongkong, Macau and a few more. Do not miss to subscribe and comment. Also, let me know if you have ideas about on arrival or visa exempted international romantic places.