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Sexual Phobia – How To Deal With The Phobia of Sex

Sexual Phobia – How To Deal With The Phobia of Sex
Sexual Phobia – How To Deal With The Phobia of Sex
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Do you know that sexual phobia can ruin a married relationship? Before understanding how to deal with the phobia of sex, let us understand the basis of sexual phobia.

The sexual phobia is cataloged as a psychic nature disorder known as disliking sexual activities. It’s not just about refusing to have sexual relationships but shy away from many aspects of sexuality too. Like other phobias, the phobia of sex is characterized by some specific aspects such as:

  1. An excessive and uncontrolled negative emotional response was shown to the source of phobia
  2. Uncontrollable thoughts about the phobia that foster fear
  3. Rejection and avoidance of all those places or groups (people) that have anything to do with the source of phobia.

A lot of people are suffering from this disorder, especially females. Those suffering from this disorder to them, discussing sex is nothing, but a reprehensible disgust. Even in case of married couples, many females live with this phobia of sex. To them, even if they are having sex with their lawful partner, they are committing some sort of crime.

You can read countless confessions made by wives that they experienced guilt after having sex with their husbands. The reason behind this kind of mindset for sexual activeness is a negative view of sexuality learned from various sources of education. But, this is not right.

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How To Deal With The Phobia of Sex

Like other disorders, to deal with this disorder, you need to have a good understanding of the source of the phobia. To do so, it is best to involve a psychotherapist. He is the one who can tell you how to manage your reactions and negative self-thoughts. In addition, if we really want to overcome the phobia of sex, we need to clear ourselves on certain aspects.

  1. We need to understand that sex is an integral part of life and until we die, it is something that accompanies us throughout all the stages of our lives.
  2. If you think, sex is only about bodies, then you are wrong. Sexual relationships go beyond the genital aspect. It is not only about an interaction between genitals, but the entire body.
  3. You need to check, in case you are having some sort of drugs that are negatively impacting your sexual appetite. It is not about stopping that drug, but you have to dedicate more time to the relationship.
  4. When dealing with the phobia of sex, you should not expect much in the beginning. It is necessary to start from a state of mental relaxation.
  5. If you are having a partner with the phobia of sex, you must deal her with respect and empathy. You do not have to force things on her but communicate and understand the wishes.
  6. Try to learn new techniques that can make your partner feel more comfortable. Dealing with the phobia becomes very easy, once your partner trust you on the issue.

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At the end, all I would like to say is that we are the only person responsible for our limits, decisions, acceptances, and rejections.