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Perfect Women + Pleasing Personality + Positive Attitude = A Lethal Combo
Perfect Women + Pleasing Personality + Positive Attitude = A Lethal Combo

Perfect Women + Pleasing Personality + Positive Attitude = A Lethal Combo

Kumar Sunil

Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


“Well groomed personality, positive attitude and keeps her calm,” now this is what we call a lethal combo that every It girl have and an undeniably possible reason for others (who don’t have) to envy. 

Get me not wrong here; neither is it about having a closet full of Dolce & Gabbana’s sizzling collection like PC (Priyanka Chopra), nor is it about being a mall-chick wearing too much of makeup. Positive Personality, Positive Attitude and Acumen makes your journey of life effortlessly easy.

Becoming an enthusiastic human being seeks nothing much than a couple of positive affirmations. No use of repenting on grown weeds after not planting flowers. Inspirations and motivations are all around.

Ever witnessed happy faces, glamorously surrounded with successful people; where we are inspired us just as much as the food we have, music we listen to, places we visit, or the people we surround ourselves with.

Get to know how not to cross the thin line that differentiates an influencer and an abrasive personality. Don’t you sell your soft-corners by gutlessly supporting your gender. LEARN TO GET OVER YOUR FEARS AND LEARN TO GET YOUR MIND IN SHAPE.

Amid speculations, let me ask, “think about Cat walker (Kangana Ranaut) or Deepz (Deepika Padukone), look into your heart and soul, wouldn’t you uncover – Passion, Perseverance, Determination, Energy, and Positive Vibes? Challenge me, if you can say no to my claims; an incredible sense of adventure they might be born with.

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What could be the possible ingredients of this daring and adrenaline rush, a final product enjoyed by risk takers and that comes only after thrusting the limits?

You too might be having a strong-girl-fever, perhaps, unnoticed. Do you have those guts to challenge yourself like these divas? You can’t buy guts/backbone from any store nearby, it’s’ either hereditary or you got to fight for it.

To me, guts are nothing but the level of Optimism in your blood, the more you have the happier you are and we all know, success love happy souls only or vice-versa.

Setting goals, visualizing your dream, cementing the pavements, and knowing the risks, nothing will work unless you do.

Getting your mind in shape for snowboarding in the Himalayas definitely needs courage and confidence.

Put a full-stop to few of these derogatory claims you might have about you, “No one else can understand what I am going through.

I cannot help myself about not being a tragedy queen. How come everyone is looking at me and yet I don’t have a boyfriend?

A positive attitude can buy you the confidence of breaking the ice and making you a perfect woman.