People Using People And Behaving Like Genuine People

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


“I know you used me for your things.”

I know you used me like you use others for your things. I was laughing inside, when you told me a fake story of how you not used me. And, I was laughing out loudly, when you forced me to believe your story.

You thought I was listening to you crap. No, my dear friend. I was reading your eyes; eyes devoid of shame, not supporting your words because of the embarrassment, and full of lies.”

I got you buddy! You are no more in my good books. And, let ask – What’s next?

You don’t remember one thing that I told you a few weeks ago. “You can make fools someone for one time. You can make fool everyone, for one time. But, you cannot make everyone fool, all the time.”

You lost it, Dude.

You think you have cracked a fool out of me. No dear! You cracked a fool out of you. I trusted you. But, you made me not to trust you anymore. Thank you for reducing my burden of obligating you in near future.

I am wondering, why do people use their own people and then behave like genuine and true people? Oh! come on. You are no more an authenticated person to me; a person who can be trusted for anything.

Reminds me of an old saying of grandfather. “In this world, people cheat others. This is normal. But, the point is, for how big thing they cheat you. It defines their standards and your value. If they are cheating you for a petty small thing, then you should not feel bad about those.

Because, they are worth not your attention; they are two dollar people. And, if they had cracked a fool out of you for something bigger, then you must realize that you need to grow your skills of judging people.

Dear mate! well, you fooled me for a very small thing. So! You are a two dollar person. That’s what I am going to say from now onward, when I see you around.

I know, relationships nowadays are materialistic. If I don’t need you, I don’t need you at all. If you have something to offer them, people will be wagging their tail around you like a dog.

To me, you are like that one dog now. But, do I really need to tell you, that you just turned dog for a very small thing? Lolest!

And, dear dogs, let me tell you, you new owner is going to kick your butt, once he is done with you.

People are using people like serviettes. They think they are wiping their faces and nobody notice. But, what they don’t see is, at least that serviette is a witness of their selfishness. And, that tissue paper, if picked by someone unintentionally, is going to shout out about their dirty face.

You can use me without telling me, but make sure, I am going to give the right picture of yours to everyone.

At the end, I will make sure that no one in my contact remains there whom you can use.