Parenting – Role of a father is equally important

Parenting - Role of a father is equally important
Parenting - Role of a father is equally important
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People talk a lot about woman and her nine months’ struggle. But, no one talks about the lifetime struggle of a father for his babies.

Undoubtedly, expressing the 57 dels (units) of pain in words, while bringing a new life to this world is impossible. But, to me, it seems awkward, when every discussion about babies ends with the momentary struggle of the mother. How can we overlook the struggle that a father has to battle with throughout his life, in order to give his baby the best of everything? Reminds me of my dad and his endless struggle. Those foggy winter days, when he used to ride the bicycle with his numb hands and shivering legs. I know dad that you gave up all your dreams so that I can live my dreams, and you surrendered all your wishes to fulfill mine. It has been more than forty years since I am watching you; you are a perfect example of ‘super-hero,’ who never get exhausted, agitated, and always there to save the world. How can I not talk about role of a father? Now that I am the father too, I remember the most recent thing you shared with me – “becoming a father is easy, but becoming a ‘dad’ is a challenge. I don’t know whether I won that or not, but I want you to win that challenge.”

Role of a father starts with father’s involvement. Father involvement means much more for the baby and for the mother than financial security, problem-solving or entertaining plays. Family financial responsibility is often assumed by both partners. But, beyond these roles of father, emotional involvement of the father is a primary condition of cognitive performance of academic success, mental and emotional confidence, emotional happiness and well-being of a child. The lack of father involvement increases the risk of mental health disorders, depression, anxiety, insecurity and bad behavior.

The importance of a father in child growth and development is unmatched and cannot be replaced by any other person, even the mother. Every parent has a unique and essential influence in how a child grows and develops, although it is advisable to benefit from the support and affection of both. Experts have highlighted the role of a father as an essential role. According to the experts, if the father is not available or is not involved in parental or simply fails to fulfill his role, the probabilities of a child becoming a spoiled kid increase.

There are cases where kids in such cases become egocentric and the whole life they live believing that they are not properly nurtured. Here, I am not favoring the authoritarian style of fathering, but a friendly father; presence of an elder male in the house really matters. The image of the father is created in such a way that first thing that comes to anyone’s mind at the mere mention of a father is – a strong man punishing his kid for their mistakes. But, you do not want to be a bad father. Do you? You don’t want your kids to lose spontaneity and creativity because of your authoritarian style. As a father, you are supposed to weave your kids’ attitude through a sincere relationship with the child.

Father is the one that is meant to instill child’s courage and he is the one who needs to act as a support for his kid’s every endeavor; make sure that a kid can explore the wide world. For boys, the father plays a role of someone who help them in validating their masculinity. Father is the only person from whom sons get to learn about their muscular strengths because he is the one who keeps them busy in masculine activities. These training sessions from the father are really important for boys because otherwise, they won’t be able to see the harsh side of the world. For boys, father serves as a role model; your son is going to learn from your actions that you will be initiating while paying the role of a father. A father is going to transform a son into a good son, good brother, good husband, and good father.

For girls, love and paternal recognition are important because it is a first step in recognizing their femininity. It is again fathers who support their daughters in building a strong feminine identity and recognizing their specific feminine qualities. For daughters, fathers are the first man from whom they are going to develop their view of males. It is an only father, who can teach a daughter how to deal with certain situation associated with male. It is a father, who act like a shield between daughter and filthy characters from the world. Right from the day one, father shares an endless with love daughters. Girls who live without a father or with a very busy daddy, they are found to be one with certain anti-male emotions. Be it a son or daughter, the father serves as a model when it is about choosing a partner in the future.

This debate is endless and I can go on and on. All I want to say is – Thank you, dad! For lending me your index finger when I was learning to walk. Thank you for teaching me how to hold the pencil. Thank you for bringing me colors, books, uniforms, bags, birthday cakes, and my first ever bicycle. Thank you for bringing me all the toys and candies; you never missed a single day. Thank you for taking me to movies and parks. Thank you for letting me sit on your shoulder when you took me to the zoo. Thank you for escorting me to the washroom when I was in the hospital after breaking my leg. Thank you for wiping my tears when I was sad. Thank you for buoying me when I was broken inside. Thank you for making me what I am today. Thank you, dad, for teaching me, loving me, nurturing me, supporting me, guiding me, being there and helping me grow.

“Dear Dad! You never expressed your pain. I know, I gave you a lot. I am sorry for that. Yes, you are world’s best Dad. Thanks for everything that you have done. You are to me what on earth is the sun.”