How to Pack the Perfect Luggage

How to Pack the Perfect Luggage
How to Pack the Perfect Luggage
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  1. Arrange clothes in vertical stacks.
  2. Stuff accessories into every nook.
  3. Pack your carry-on strategically.
  4. Put your Email on your baggage claim.

Packing the prefect luggage really depends on how you define ‘perfect’.

Are you packing to maximise space? Or packing to be organized, to know where everything is and not have to empty an entire bag to find one T-shirt? Are you packing for a short trip? Do you have access to an iron?

These situations make the perfectly packed luggage vary but we have some tips to help you along the way.


Short trips mean you need to pack wrinkle-free clothes in an organized fashion. As a rule, for every bottom pack three tops, as you can usually re-wear your bottoms. Pick materials that don’t wrinkle easily like wool, silk and stretchy clothes. Roll softer fabric and fold more structured clothes like jeans.Arrange invertical stacks and layer clothes according to how you plan to wear them; final vacation day clothes at the bottom, first day vacation clothes on top. Tip: Line your bag with a garbage or polythene bags, and separate layers of clothes with them as their slippery feel reduces creasing.


Pack strategically; stuff socks into spaces between clothes. Line the sides of your bag with your belts. Bunch up hairbands and put them into your bra cups, this prevents creasing of the foam. Place shoes and heavier items at the wheelbase of the luggage, this takes up less space and gives your luggage better stability. Don’t carry a lot of shoes; one comfortable pair of sneakers and two shoes is usually sufficient. Carry a Gym Bag and put swimsuits and other small accessories into it. This allows you to locate them without having to empty your entire bag and gives you an extra emergency bag.

Packing Help

There are multiple indispensable tools that can help make your packing more organized and reduce space consumption by compressing air. Packing cubes can help sort little items; they are ideal for compartmentalizing makeup or shaving kits, gym wear, swimwear, hair accessories and jewellery. Compression packs are great for bulky items that are likely to trap air e.g. duvets, sweaters and blankets. Remember to bubble wrap breakables.

Try This
Packing your Carry-on

If you are taking a flight, then you must know what to pack in your cabin bag. All you need is a medium duffel bag; most cabins can take bags within dimensions of 21 x 14 x 9 inches. You will need to put all your perfumes and any other liquids into clear Ziploc bags. Check to see if the airline allows you to carry liquids in cabin baggage, if not, these should go in your main luggage and wrapped with bubble wrap so they don’t break.

Most flights get chilly so remember to pack sweaters, shawls or jackets for the trip. Take any prescription medicines in a clearly labelled Ziploc nag. You should also pack an extra set of clothes, just in case your main luggage gets delayed. All valuables like expensive jewellery, money, documents should be stored in a separate compartment of your carry-on, so that you don’t keep bringing them out when you want to search for something else. This reduces your chances of losing important things.

Security Tips

Write your email address (as opposed to your house address) on your baggage claim, this allows the airline to reach you instantly in case of lost baggage. You can also use a luggage tracker in case it gets lost.

If you have no biting space constraints and have a personal assistant, then you need not worry about packing. But for the majority of us out there, we all need to learn the tricks of efficient perfect luggage packing.