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Overcoming Insecurity In Relationships

Overcoming Insecurity In Relationships
Overcoming Insecurity In Relationships
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Despite knowing that relationships are all about trust and oneness, most of us are insecure about our relationships.

Insecurity in relationships is not a new thing. This could be because of jealousy, any past mistake, or an unhealthy possessiveness about relationship. Be it because of any reason; it can be devastating. Before learning the tricks that can help you overcoming insecurity in relationships, let us start with the simpler definition of insecurity.

What is insecurity?

When we talk about insecurity, three main things come to our mind – sadness, separation, and depression. The main ingredients of any relationship are love, communication, trust, respect, and honesty. For everything to work well, none of these ingredients should be missed. Absence of any of the above ingredients results in insecurity.

Let us understand the reasons behind insecurities and how to overcome them.


The main reason behind forming a relationship with someone is not only the person’s looks, but our chemistry with that person. We are involved because we feel that person is going to fill the gap and is going to protect us as and when required.

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After spending a few very wonderful months in the beginning, comes the worst part – we get to see the minuses. This leads to indifference and subsequently, breakup. So, the earliest you deal with those differences, the better it is for a relationship. And, you got to deal with those, if you really want to overcome insecurities about a relationship.

Confidence & Trust

You don’t trust yourself because you don’t have confidence to do so; you lack self-confidence. I am (negatively) worried about my partner’s absence because I believe I am not the person he wants to stay with. I am consistently downgrading myself.

Don’t get upset, if you are not receiving the attention you think you should. You need to understand that there are bad days. If your partner is upset for some goddamn reason, that does not mean he no more loves you. Do not downgrade yourself. Try to understand that not all days are sunny.


Uncertainty about anything leads to insecurity. Be it your professional or personal life, if you are uncertain, you are insecure. And, once uncertainty is there – breakup is for sure.

Living with fears and uncertainties that someday your partner is going to leave you is very painful. Therefore, before you deal with insecurities, deal with your uncertainties.

Although it may seem unreal, yet it is difficult to avoid uncertainty, if there is no communication.

Try to have more confidence in you, and try to find a favorable time for communication with your partner. Go easy with your words because harsh words can be lethal.


We perfectly know that in a relationship, there is no place for jealousy. And, how can we be jealous of our own life partner? Jealousy; is an outcome of low confidence, doubts, and unhealthy possessiveness. Do you know that when you are doubting your partner for no good reason, you are actually downgrading yourself in his/her eyes. It is a sign of poor mentality and distrust for your own partner. In the worst case, this can provoke you or your partner for an act of infidelity.

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As a couple, people need to understand that there is no place for insecurities in a relationship. If there are doubts, it is better to clear those. If there are insecurities, better deal with them.

In a relationship, if as a couple you are not fighting for a common goal i.e., happiness, then there is no way you can avoid these altercations.