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How To Overcome Pessimistic Thoughts

How To Overcome Pessimistic Thoughts
How To Overcome Pessimistic Thoughts
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

Pessimism is an amazing thing. It can make you someone you already hate.

On my daily basis, I get to deal with countless optimists, pessimists and realistic. Every time I come across a pessimist, I feel like, why pessimist are really hard to deal with? Is there any difference in the brains of pessimists and optimists? And, how to overcome pessimist thoughts?

To my wonder, a study from Michigan State University proved this; there is a physical biological difference between the brains of these two categories. A few years ago, I read a book (Rainy brain sunny brain) written by Elaine fox. And, that book claims that pessimists have a weaker connection with their prefrontal cortex and their amygdala; something related to cognitive activities. Strange, but true. In simpler terms, the part of the brain that deals with fears share no communication with the part of the brain that deals with cognitive activities.

Some studies claim that pessimism is genetic as well. Whereas, others consider it as an outcome of negative upbringing. So, hell yeah! You can put it on your parents or conditions you were brought up under.

Pessimism is dangerous; it can make you feel that everything around is against you. A pessimist will always see the negative sides of the things because of his negative attitude towards everything. They are the ones who sees the negative in everything and lives in a terrible world of their sadistic thoughts. They emphasis on dark sides and most of the time and always complains about not having any control on the things around them.

To overcome your pessimism, the most important thing is creating your own little plan of action. Before starting with any ‘reverse engineering’ of your thought process, you are supposed to make certain changes in your attitude.

Tell your mind that this ‘restructuring of your thought process’ is going to work and you are going to be an optimist. Also, do not confuse – pessimism with depression; they both are different. But, the question is, how to overcome pessimistic thoughts. Well, every problem has a solution. The only difference is of willingness.

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Talk about your worries

Do not try to ignore your worries. I have seen many people running from discussing things. In fact, you are not supposed to run from the trouble. That is not how you are going to get rid of those. Not discussing those troubles and keeping them inside is not an act of bravery.

The more you run away from things that disturb you, the more pessimists you are going to be about those. Those stressful situations and mistakes are going to remain where they are, and going to produce more unpleasant situations psychically.

You should share your fears with someone you can trust. This will let you have another person’s vision of your problem. And, you can have an opinion that is not from your pessimist brain. Courage is the first step!

Facing up to one of your fears

The biggest enemy of all pessimists is fear. Because they are so sure that something bad will happen. And, this surety of their results in a fear of something.

In psychology, there is a common practice called exposure. Instead of bypassing a street to avoid someone, or taking the elevator because you do not want to stumble on the stairs, or not going on height because of your negative thoughts, it is better to face your fears. You should expose yourself to your fears slowly until it becomes indifferent.

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Learn to trust yourself

Do you know that doubt kills more dreams than failure? If you have a dream and you want to accomplish it; work hard for it. It is all about how badly you want something. In case, you want it desperately and passionately, then nothing can stop you from getting the same.

Be realistic, but at the same time dreamer. Plan your time well and do something every day, no matter how small and insignificant.

Do not be afraid of your temporary failures. Should you worry about your failures, you won’t be able to ‘restructure’ yourself. You must learn to have faith; faith on your ideas for you. Once you are sure of your idea, invest everything you have; love, time and passion.

Stop limiting yourself

Realistically, you create your own limits. It is all about how you see things. We are told about what is possible and what is impossible and without making any calculation, we agree to that; take that as a lifetime instruction.

My dear friend, do not limit yourself. Stop telling yourself that you can never be rich or you can never excel in Math or English. Push your limits the farthest you can.

Always remember, much of the pain that we face is actually a by-product of our thoughts. You can call it universal energy, God, divine energy, karma, etc. It barely matters. The fact is if you wanted to do have something, go get it.

Yes! You have a right to live a life, full of optimism. Learn to command your brain in a positive manner.