Only Strong Women Have A Normal Delivery – The Biggest Lie

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh

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  1. Do not let the judgment of others cloud your opinion.
  2. Neither caesarian nor normal delivery is easy.
  3. It is your choice as a mother how to give birth to your child.

From the very beginning of pregnancy, most women are told repeatedly that it takes a very strong woman to have a normal delivery. Is it true? Is it a misconception? Read on to know our opinion on this.

There are so many questions in a pregnant woman’s mind when she nears the child birth. Should I have a normal delivery? Should I have a cesarean? Will I be judged if I have a cesarean?

Yes, for most of us, our choice is mostly dependent upon the judgment of others. What will others think if I don’t want to have a normal delivery? Well, believe it or not, with these questions in mind, the motivation for child birth is often lost.
The question that arises now is why do people think only women who are mentally strong can have a normal child birth? The answer is simple – it’s the pain that follows. For someone who doesn’t tolerate even a cut on the finger, the labor pain can be really hard for them to experience.

Yes, it is true that from the beginning of time, women have been giving births naturally. And during those times, there was not even the option of a cesarean delivery. So even if some women didn’t want to go through the pain, they had to.

The thought of going through the labor pain haunts us women. This fear is so much that many women say they don’t want to have a baby. When they think of C-sec as another option, judgment of others about them not being strong enough makes them think twice.

Normal Delivery

Now what is to be considered is that both normal and cesarean deliveries are not easy choices to take. It takes for a strong woman to give birth to a child – whether through a C-section or naturally. Carrying a child in the womb for nine months is no easy task.

Let’s not forget all the discomfort, uneasiness, fatigue, hormonal changes, and changes in the body… (The list goes on), all of this that a woman has to bear. Nine months of this is not easy. Why do you still think you’re not strong if you have a C-sec?

The ultimate motive is to get the baby out. Whether or not you opt for a normal delivery, does not define how (mentally) strong you are. You are a strong woman for choosing to carry a baby inside you. You are a strong woman for caring for your baby even before he/she was born.

Caesarian Delivery

You are a strong woman to opt for even a C-sec because it’s a major surgery that cuts through layers and layers of muscle and skin. These are the cuts that take (sometimes) a lifetime to heal. A C-Sec is so much more than a normal delivery.

Never question your choice for opting for a cesarean or even normal child birth. Make an informed decision because the more information you have about child birth, the better your recovery will be.

Take pre-natal classes for educating yourself and post-natal classes for care after delivery. Keep the judgment and labeling of outsiders out of mind.

It is your body, you are the mother – you decide how your baby comes into this world. And your ultimate goal is to deliver a healthy baby whether through a natural child birth or a C-section.

It is not whether you have a normal delivery or a C-sec that defines how strong you are. The fact that you made another soul live inside you for nine months is what made you stronger.