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Online Dating Tips - For Dating Through A Profile Pic & With A Profile Pic
Online Dating Tips - For Dating Through A Profile Pic & With A Profile Pic

Online Dating Tips – For Dating Through A Profile Pic & With A Profile Pic


Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Thousands of dating applications and numberless dating profiles; fake and genuine. Since last few decades, it seems like “matchmaking” is a global problem and the whole world is busy doing R&D for a viable solution.

Undoubtedly, dating industry is seriously expanding and if I am not wrong, every fourth person on this planet is a free or paid member of this industry. Besides, experts are sharing their own ideas about dating apps, websites, dating profile strategies, online dating tips, and much more relevant things. But, have you ever felt that in online dating, you are actually dating through a profile and with a profile pic. And, have you ever faced the fear of meeting a jerk in reality, while talking to him online? I believe, no one can deny.

The reality behind the profile pictures is – in reality, they are not as good as they seem on a social media account and not as bad as on they appear on someone’s Government ID.

But, being a most convenient method, I don’t think, interest for online dating is going to diminish. Talking about its horror, no one can assure what they are going to get. But, to the best, we can at least improve ourselves. It is about eliminating the difference between your reality and profile picture. Let us learn, how that is going to happen.

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1Prepare Yourself

Think carefully before what kind of the first impression you want to deliver? It may sound weird, but you should start documenting yourself. In your profile, if you are trying to tell that you are a traveler, then, improve your knowledge about places that you are going to talk about.

If you are saying that you are a health freak, do some gymnastics, get some medical journals about how to keep yourself in top form, go to some body shops and make yourself look handsome.

Besides, attitude is another very important thing; show some guts and confidence in a meeting. Regardless of what is going to happen at the end of your date, never let your self-confidence go down. To make this possible; prepare yourself.

2Spend on clothes

Buy yourself new clothes, especially accessories. They will make you feel confident. However, be careful and do not exaggerate. Do not wear something that you are not habitual of and something that makes you look awful.

The dress says a lot! Appearances matter, especially when you have not held any personal meeting before. You need to make sure that there remains no difference between the true you and your profile picture.

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3Be natural, be yourself!

Make sure you are not making yourself look like someone, who is far away from, his profile picture. You must not try to hide your imperfections because a temporary makeover will surely put you in trouble.
I know, many guys and girls try to fake accent on their first date. Don’t do that, if you are not handy with it.

Faking something is good with someone, whom you are not going to meet you again. But, if you are aiming at an LTR, stop pretending yourself as Tom Cruise. Accept yourself for all goods and bad, with defects and qualities.

Let your profile tell everything about your liking and disliking. And, if someone is still interested, you are good to go.

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4Ladies! Watch out your makeup

In the case of girls, try to look as natural as possible. Never make yourself look like more seductive if you are not that kind of personality. As I said earlier, the way you dress defines a lot about you.

At the same time, there is no good use of sophisticated and mature looks; if you are not in real. Don’t dress like matures, if you are a teen or going to date a teen. Instead of impressing her, you are going to scare her.

Until it is not a sugar-daddy dating, dressing like a mature will make her feel and it is going to tell her that you have more years than her. You are out on a date with a girl, not with a woman.

5Do not try to impress!

Make yourself and your profile look more authentic. What is the fun in wearing an FCB t-shirt, if you lack basic knowledge of the same?

You need to understand that having a profile that brags a lot about how big fan you are of football, cars or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies, is not going to seal the deal. No fun, if you don’t know how to pronounce Arnold’s last name.

Do keep in mind that you are going to date a profile picture through a profile picture. Do not expect much. The golden rule is – stay calm and always remember: reality, honesty, attitude, confidence and a smile can do wonders.

The best thing to do is – do not ever fix a date using a fake profile that is full of morphed images and weaved stories.