Online Dating Chat Openers Use a right opener to open the bottleneck

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According to online dating experts, it is good to be bad in certain situations because few people are habitual of taking things for granted. They will keep on insulting you unless you show them your cards.

Do you think you can successfully crack a date with a luscious busty babe by just being an online admirer? If you believe, it is as easy as clearing few beginner’s level of “Angry Bird,” I am afraid, this article is going to burst your anarchists believes and bubbles you are living in.

The weather is changing and winds are blowing from the opposite poles; precisely, women are now visiting the same libraries, from where guys are learning their poetic openings. In this era, copy-pasting few poetic lines from Shakespeare’s literature are not enough for flaunting and fiddling these breathtaking beauties. In this hour of desperate need, we cannot expect to hide someone in our widespread arms, without enhancing ourselves with some latest chat openers.

Technique 1: Shocker to Shock her (in a positive sense)

Before you swoop to the conclusion immediately, let me make myself clear. It has nothing to do with a an electric shock or a defibrillator. It is about using a chat opener that simply works like a shocker and shocks her to her imaginations. Wisely, one should strike the hammer when iron is hot, but there is no harm in making it hot by hammering it. For doing so, we need some good opening lines, in other words, we need to rote up some enticing and feasible chat openers.

A maestro will always restrain himself from playing the games of novices and will never decorate someone with the medallion of “Gorgeousness” without seeing her for once. No wonder, showing too much greediness and neediness will simply land you in the quagmire of restless and relentless doubts like, “Jesus Christ! What an alien; what have I done lately; my dear Internet connection, please show me a disconnection for Christ Sake.” These openers are also a pain in the neck for those ladies, who are in continuous receipt of such opening lines; the moment you serve them with one, the next moment you will be on their ignore list, without even a jiffy’s delay.

Therefore, my fellow pickup artists, try this and you won’t regret. Start with a shocking opening.

If you receive an answer means, “Shock is delivered”


You: “Hi Beautiful, do you like catching glow-warm?
Lady: I beg your pardon, please. Are you talking to me?
You: Yes I am. Don’t take it the other way around, but somehow I am sensing an unnatural connection with you especially after seeing your display picture. Do you mind answering my question?
Girl: Yes, I like to catch or No I am not into insects. (No matter, whether it is a yes or a no, just cook up a story instantly.)
You: Jokes Apart! I am not any astrologer or psychic. It is just that I know a girl with your complete resemblance, who was my class- mate in XYZ School. Being a cool toddler, I used to tease her with some insulting names like weirdo bug catcher, animal killer and etc. Now I believe it is her curse on my life, which is not letting me find my ideal partner.

This will somehow allure/push her to have a word with you and inclusively will be providing you with a chance to express your DHVs – demonstrating your high values or qualities.

Technique 2: Demonstrating your high values or qualities

What if you may have an encounter with a real-time tough babe, who is not up to buying any of your lies? For this sort of situation you need to prepare yourself with a few high-value chat openers.” Portray yourself in a situation, similar to the one where the hunter becomes a prey

Have you ever thought what is going to be your next move, if your attempt of delivering a lie to someone fails because the recipient is seriously not in the mood to buy that crap? Do not you dare to walk away or sign out if she behaves like a pissed-off geek and does show her that you got enough guts to face her? You need to show yourself as a high- profile guy and must restrain her from grabbing any chance of mockery on you.

Now, it is time to step into the shoes of a high opener guy

– Scenario remains the same –

You: “Hi Beautiful, do you like catching glow-warms?
Lady: go away you pervert, I am not buying this shit. (High-Value Opener – Delivered by girl)
You: Is it so? Hey, how do you spell your name?
Lady: it is S.H.I.K.H.A (assumed name)
You: Well, no offence, but I don’t feel like talking to you anymore.
Lady: WTF, why can’t?
You: ROFL; See, I got tears in my eyes of laughing. Your name reminds me of a girl with a 24 x 7 running nose and stinking armpits (ewww).
Lady: that is so rude.
You: is it so? All right, let’s try again. Give me another shock and open your cam. (& the moment she opens the cam) Oh My GOD! you almost made me skip a heartbeat. Have you purchased your clothes from used-clothes store or something?

According to online dating experts, it is good to be bad in certain situations because few people are habitual of taking things for granted. They will keep on insulting you unless you show them your cards. This is not about being rude, but sometimes the only option we have is, pulling someone down from her imaginary seventh sky.

This is what we name as demonstrating high values using high-value openers. The other purpose behind this kind of opener is, “to clear the picture in first fifteen seconds instead wasting fifteen minutes and then arriving at a crux.

Technique 3 : Middle-of-the-road opinion opener

Moving on to next opener, which can possibly get you a date is, “middle-of-the-road Opinion Opener.” Answer yourself, aren’t you one among those who start their conversation with, ASL (Age, Sex, and Location) and dramatically never gets a reply. However, try this ‘middle-of-the-road opinion opener’ and see the wind blowing.

Who make better bosses, Guys or Girls? Do you know Yo Yo called Badshah the raper, a nano? Have you heard about the latest prediction on doomsday?  These kinds of neutral openers will solve a few of most demanded purposes

Purpose 1 – It will help you in igniting the conversation, and especially if you are not handy-dandy with words and afraid of being treated as rude. 

Purpose 2 – Instead of being rejected, these kinds of openers will land your space shuttle on the safe grounds and at least you have a girl talking to you. 

Purpose 3 – Now, as a chic is talking to you, consider it as a first step towards your infant rapport. 

Purpose 4 – Once you won the confidence of the lady, it is time to share some giggles and frolics.

All done, set an online date and add spice to your life. So far, we have learned that an opening statement makes the whole difference; a right one used at the right time means all done and right one used at wrong time means “ignore or block button.” Do not be a nerd. Be it any situation in the life, the golden rule is—learn to control your greediness and neediness.