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Vivek’s Confessions – One Bold Move Can Change Your Life

Vivek's Confessions - One Bold Move Can Change Your Life
Vivek's Confessions - One Bold Move Can Change Your Life
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Though it was after a long time, but seeing the glow in his eyes, it took me less than a minute to understand that he is all set for that one bold move, which is soon going to change his life. Truly said, “the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the loneliest person.”This was so true in case of Vivek (hero of my story).

My first meeting with Vivek was a business deal. He was appointed as a Field Officer in a very good company and he was also looking at the project of our company. A good salary, a beautiful home, a happy wife and a good child, he had everything that gives happiness to a person. Even then, he was not happy. In the beginning, whenever I used to meet him, he used to behave like a person who is always in a dilemma and is lost.

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Initially, I used to think that Vivek is a person of very negative and sadistic personality. I began to fear that this same nature would harm my project too. Well, as our project went ahead and the time went with it, I understood it.

Vivek was one of those few people who look for their happiness in the happiness of others. In simpler terms, their happiness depends upon the happiness of others.

Life of such people is always full of compromises because they do not hesitate to thwart their happiness for others.

Despite his million efforts, he never had any appreciation.

Unlike others, Vivek was not a dual character personality. If he is in with someone, then he is hundred percent in, but if not, then he was bad at pretending. I stayed with him for at least a year and during this time, I realized that even after being connected to an area of marketing, he was among the people who thought heartily.

Every time I suggested him to change his way of thinking, he used to give me the same answer, “for relationships, you need to think from the heart and for business, you need to think from the brain.”

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But, I strongly believe that if you are a person with good heart, then nature is going to help you in its own way. Nature will trap you in such difficult situations that are going to completely change your personality. Something similar happened with Vivek. He lost both legs in a road accident, and he was completely bedridden. This accident completely changed his mindset.

In such circumstances, the person expects only from his own. Unfortunately, it was Vivek’s family member who was first to leave him alone. For some time his parents supported him, but as the expenses of home and medicines increased, they pulled their hands back.

I was initially associated with Vivek because of work, but after spending time and understanding him, I accepted him as a friend in need. After that accident, I tried to give every possible help that I can. I advised him countless times to start with tuition and after many requests he accepted.

Then, there came a time, when borrowers lost their patience. It was supposed to happen that way because at the worst times when the family members were not ready to help, then expecting favors from the outsiders is more likely a joke. Isn’t it?

Every day, a debtor used to insult him and that too in his own house. By this time, Vivek mastered the art of hiding tears. But, I knew that he was broken from the inside.

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After some time, his wife also sent divorce papers. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a partner who can stand by you in your hard times. I strongly believe if you have a partner who can clean your stool and urine and that too with a smile on the face; you are the luckiest person on this planet. Vivek was not that lucky. As soon as Vivek got divorced paper, his last hope of living ended.

He started asking me every other day whether he could get euthanasia? After his wife had left him, I used to visit Vivek every day. I had rented the second floor of his house to a middle-aged woman. That woman was a nurse by profession. We agreed to a term that she will be paying only half of the rent in cash and for the rest half, she will take care of Vivek.

Between all these, Vivek’s wife repeatedly insisted on a divorce.

Finally, the day came. One day, we were returning from a religious gathering, and all of sudden, Vivek pulled out a closed envelope from his pocket. I was surprised to open it. In that envelope were divorce documents sent by Vivek’s wife, but this time, those documents were signed.

Before I could handle myself, Vivek gave me another shock. He pulled another envelope. In that envelope, it was a job invitation from a foreign university. He was offered a job as a lecturer in marketing.

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I was very happy that he had decided to change his life. Though it was after a long time, seeing the glow in his eyes, it took me less than a minute to understand that he is all set for that one bold move, which is soon going to change his life.

Nowadays Vivek is teaching in a foreign university, and his financial condition is 10 times better than before.