OMG! Just Had a ‘Smiley’ on the Pregnancy Test. What’s Next?

OMG! Just Had a ‘Smiley’ on the Pregnancy Test. What’s Next?
OMG! Just Had a ‘Smiley’ on the Pregnancy Test. What’s Next?
Kumar Sunil

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Life never remains same once you get your pregnancy test positive. You are both excited and confused and your head start spinning with an echo, “what do I do now?”

Being an (Indian) expectant, the day you get the glow on your face, is the moment for the beginning of all rituals like Godh Bharai (Indian Baby Shower), Chhathi Ceremony and many more. Well, besides this fun part, the biggest question is, “Am I done with my homework as a prospective mother?”

Irrefutably, introducing a new life to the world is not an easy one and is going to have a lot of zigzags. It is the time for learning the science behind this 42 weeks’ journey and preparing oneself for the upcoming challenges. Dear mother, here are a few tips that your prospective baby wants you to follow.

I am not that hungry mommy. Don’t eat for two, even if you feel like eating a horse

You are intelligent enough Mommy. Break the old rules and even I know it is nothing but a myth that during pregnancy you should eat for two.

The more you eat the more weight you and I will gain and at the end, I’ll be going to have a bigger size. In addition to, more weight means an open invitation to troubles like gestational diabetes, backaches, high blood pressures and eventually a possible reason for “C-Section.”

I don’t want cuts and stitches, Mommy. Don’t make me so big because heavier baby means a delivery that is going to be rougher on both of us. 300 calories per day are what you all need to take; a slice of brown bread and one tbsp of peanut butter will do.

Mommy, you surely need to take more nutrients and ask Daddy to get you a diet chart for you and me, from a registered dietitian.

Dear Mommy, please do me a favour. Sleep on your Side (SOS)

Sleeping on your side, abbreviated as SOS is the best and recommended sleeping position for any pregnant women. Sleeping on your back means compression of the vein, which means improper circulation of blood to the heart and to the baby.

It happens because when you a sleeping on you back, your abdomen is actually resting on your intestines and major blood vessels. In simpler terms, it is a decrease in blood pressure. It is going to hurt me, Mommy. Please, do not do this to me and do follow, SOS.

If you can manage to sleep on the left of yours, you will be passing me a good amount of blood and nutrients. Try that, can you ask Papa to change his place for me.

Wash your hands. I know you do, just be a little more careful

Ask Dada to take care of our Pet and litter-boxes. I know sometimes you are the only one around and you do have a good hygiene.

Still, by any chance, if you miss washing your hands when you do vegetables, gardening, or even cooking, you are unintentionally feeding me with the bacteria.

It could make be blind, mentally challenged and I may have to suffer from various diseases afterwards. Do not make it complicated for me, just do not miss to wash everything vigilantly. Also, do not miss to get your dental checks done.

Get your shots and we both will be healthy

Dear Mommy, do make a list of shots that you need and when you need like for flu, pneumonia, coughing and etc. Do not do it yourself, rather ask the doctor about it.

It will save you from various infections and we both will be in good shape. Do not take any medicine by your own, especially the one for cold & cough, it is dangerous for both of us.

I am coming to you within next couple of months and before I come, ask Daddy to buy me soft toys, baby cot and countless dresses (properly sterilised).

Keep yourself safe and we all are going to have fun. Good Bye for now and see you soon.