No More Double Chin. Try These Home Remedies

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It’s not my fault I have a double chin. When God was giving out chins, I thought he said gins. So, I asked a double.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!”Well, I used to believe in this quote until I saw a number of people spending a lot of money, energy and time. Dear fellows, double chin is something, those who have it, try their levels best to hide it. They use a scarf, wear high-necks and they try to skip every single paparazzi moment; they are embarrassed by their fat under the chin. No doubt, double chin is simply an indication for diet- change and for many of us, it is a cosmetic issue. But, in real, the double chin is an anti-aesthetic formation of the skin caused by the accumulation of subcutaneous fat layers under the chin. Even if the skin loses elasticity with the passage of time, this does not mean that it is an inevitable phenomenon. Before we can work on fixing this problem using various available techniques, we first need to understand the reason behind this.

Reasons Behind Double Chin

Double Chin Causes

Saggy skin that hangs just below the chin is the one that causes the formation of a double chin. This phenomenon is generated by different external and genetic factors, but it is more common in the elderly and overweight.


The age of a person also affects the appearance of a double chin. Great people tend to develop because their skin has less collagen. The most vulnerable tissue tend to group together under the chin and to cause this effect.

The Sudden Weight Loss

People who lose weight too quickly end up developing a double chin by detachment. Fat and adipose tissue decreased with diet and exercise, but not at the same pace as the skin. This often generates excess tissue in the jaw.

Genetic Conditions

There is a predisposition to develop the double chin by genetic inheritance. For example, people with small jaws are developing a double chin more easily.

Sun Exposure

The abundant sunlight fact that the tissues of skin become dry and lose collagen and elasticity. This aging results in a more easily sagging skin at the jaw where there is more fabric.


“You are so fat that your chin has a double chin.” Obesity and double-chin go hand in hand because being overweight make the fat under the jaw. The skin stretches and generates double chin.

Exercises to Prevent a Double Chin

Facial Gymnastic Exercises

With a little patience and discipline, the double chin can mitigate by practicing certain exercises facial gym. Pronounce the letter X e.g. exaggerating the pronunciation and stretching maximum of lips to feel all muscles and tendons of the neck tighten. Hold five seconds. Repeat the exercise five times. Between each X, relax the mouth by making several small “o” soft. In another workout, you can also reshape your face. Put thumbs under the chin, and then open the mouth by pushing the lower jaw down while maintaining a strong resistance with the thumbs. Hold five seconds and then repeat the exercise five times.

Throw A Kiss

On a chair with feet firmly planted on the floor, stretch the neck as possible by keeping the head forward. Then, bring your mouth to your face as if you were throwing a kiss. You must do at least three sets of 10 repetitions.

Kiss The Sky

This exercise is similar to the previous year, but must lift his head as high as possible. We must stretch the neck and attach lips as if throwing kisses with his head bowed. Do three sets of 10 repetitions daily.

The Neck Massage

This exercise must be performed at least three times a day. All you need to do is – raise the head by stretching the neck and opening a little mouth. Then, you have to get your hands around the neck by pressing gently. Finally, place your hand on the neck by stretching the skin down.

The Headband

To begin with this exercise, it is first necessary to stretch the neck backward (as much as possible without forcing) and hold for five seconds. Then, you have to do the same by stretching the head down, toward the left side and the right side, five seconds in each direction. We must try not to move the shoulder. Do this exercise every day.

The Chin Lift

Raise your head again as high as possible. With mouth closed, stretch the neck by tilting his head slightly backward. You have to try to lift the chin and make it stand forward. We must do 10 repetitions three times per day.

The Smile Upside

We must exercise the neck muscles by making a smile upside down. Do this by creating tension on the sides of the neck. Hold the posture for a few seconds and relax. Make a maximum of 10 repetitions three times a day throughout the week.

The Tennis ball

To do this exercise, you must first put a tennis ball on the neck and under the chin. Then, you have to push hard on the chin the ball for two seconds and release slightly without it falling. Do this exercise 10 times in a row.

Chew Some Gum

This exercise is the simplest because it does not ask for much time or attention. Chewing gum helps the jaw to strengthen and I don’t need to tell you that you should be chewing a gum without sugar. Also, it is not advisable to force the muscles too much and you must stop when you feel tired.

In addition to these, there are a few more factors that one need to take care of in order to reduce the double chin . Among them are -the way we walk, some sleeping habits and even the amount of water we drink. Keeping the head tilted for a long time that the neck skin tends to slacken, therefore, we must keep in neutral position, neither too far forward or too far back. When you are working at the computers, always adopt a posture that allows you to keep your neck right and eyes to the screen height. A common way to remove your double chin by liposculpture. In this method, the fat deposits are at your chin, neck and jaw is sucked and the skin becomes taut. With make-up, you can draw attention to other parts of your face. By eyeliner and eye-shadow to do, you emphasize your eyes. So then people pay less attention to your chin. Do not wear lipstick colors busy because your lips are pretty close to your chin.

Make sure that your hair does not hang on the same length as your chin. Avoid high-fitting sweaters or shirts and choose clothes with an open neckline.