There is no harm in insulting someone who insults you always

There is no harm in insulting someone who insults you always
There is no harm in insulting someone who insults you always
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

It is a natural tendency for the kshatriyas or royal warriors to be heroically predisposed to fight for a righteous cause. Bhagavad Gita

“Insult and humidity, the more you feel, the more they hurt,” they say. Do good have good and if someone is doing bad to you, ignore him/her. You don’t need to retaliate because ‘someone in the sky’ is watching. But, how long a person is supposed to maintain his cool in such situation where his respect is a target? In other words, what is the right time to insult an insulting and how to deal with an insult, is a major question. People often say that if someone is making verbal attacks, attacking him back with words is more likely a self-defense. Is it true?

Let us start with – whether it is right or not? If we talk about the religious book; ample of verses can be found in the support of retaliation. “When all the stratagem employed for (solving) an affair or problem are exhausted, (only) then taking your hand to the sword is legitimate.” Quite obviously, in these scenarios, we have three options – one can be shameless enough to listen to everything, one can choose to stay silent while developing his patience or one can react with tact and fact. Most of the time, people prefer to go for option one or two. And, only a few shows the courage to react. Reacting is easy, by the way, and perhaps the best solution in such cases. Because if you don’t speak, nor you will be allowed to talk, neither people will expect you to talk. But, not done in a diplomatic manner, it can worsen the situation. Sometimes wrong words can stir up very painful emotions and that may have a long-lasting effect on our personality. We must learn how to deal with the insult before your life becomes an insult.

Refresh Yourself – Regain Yourself

It might be your habit or nature that you don’t want to react people with the same heat or insult. To you, it is hurting someone and that is not good at all. But, my dear friend, those who are hurting you are not good for you at all because they are hurting you with an intention; they want you to feel bad and they want to degrade. Their theory is to make you suffer so that you fear them and do as they want you to do. And, the best part is, you allow them to insult you. You need to refresh yourself. You need to learn that – hurting in self-defense is perfectly okay and the even law permits it. Start by smaller reactions and sooner you will see the sense of guilt that you feel otherwise, will fade. Ask yourself, do you really want to go that shame off from you? Once you receive your confirmation, you will be able to do that; you will be able to revert back. In century 21st – No shame means fame.

Learn To Learn More About Others

It is not that you need to shout to everyone. Before doing so, you need to understand the motive behind that. Once you are sure of the filthy motives, then no time is a bad time to ‘bang.’ Don’t think much about why some people love to dish out verbal scraps; just use your common sense and unless the person is not the one on your contact list, I am sure, you have a good idea about him/her and his/her behavior. You don’t need anyone to tell you about his/her philosophy of life. Here, I must say – don’t only rely on your views – it is better to ask someone for a second opinion. If you get a cogent evidence about the bullish behavior of the person concerned, don’t hold your tongue anymore. In Rome Do As Romans Do

Turn The Spotlight Inward

Let me tell you before you start behaving like a ‘faultfinder,’ it is always better to turn a spotlight inward. You should always check yourself i.e. why you are feeling so bad about the insult. Are you taking it on your ego, do you really have something wrong with you; how come a few words are so powerful that they took all your inner peace. There is something wrong within. You need to check what those words really are and why are they so hurtful. Instead, judging others for their words, it is better to analyze your vocabulary for those words. Maybe, it is just a clash of meanings and not words.

Do Not Let Anyone Make You Feel Bad

Finally, you need to own your risk areas. We know, life is not an easy ride and people will hurt you for making their ride better, like in a public transport. You will be told to stay silent, especially when you are supposed to speak. A few bumps in the road are acceptable and just because of few speed breakers you don’t have to change your road. Sometimes it is better to accept your imperfections. But, don’t let other to take you for granted. Should you see yourself on a road full of bumps i.e. insult – it is better to drop that road straightaway because a road is not going to change itself.

Speaking up is a good practice. Even doctors say that sometime outburst is important because when you keep things within you, you are actually harming yourself and not anyone else. No one really knows what you are going through unless you speak it out. Try to reclaim your powers. You need to understand that nobody is perfect because this is how you are going to be perfect.

The question is, are you ready to use the verbal attacks of others as fuel for personal growth?