No Guts No Glory – Taking The Road Less Traveled

No Guts No Glory – It Is Important To Take Risks
No Guts No Glory – It Is Important To Take Risks
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Kumar Sunil

Kumar Sunil

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Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


  1. Find your dreams and start working on it.
  2. Say yes to new adventures and risks, it will make you!
  3. Understand the power of taking risks in life.

Do you have a dream? A dream that doesn’t let you sleep? A dream so dear, for which you are ready to do anything and everything?

On the path of fulfilling our wishes and dreams, many times we come to a point where we are torn between choices. It’s like you have to choose between the less traveled road and the road frequently traveled. You’ll get all the needed support on the frequently traveled road but, taking the road less traveled is a risk!

The path is unknown and you know you’ll need guts to travel through it. However, if you have noticed the pattern, all the successful people have succeeded through the path less traveled. If you can put a thought on it, it has been possible only because of their risk taking capabilities.

Sometimes Santa really gets busy with others and it’s you who needs to work upon your wish and make it a reality. It requires a lot of efforts, dedication and of course guts to make it possible.

When I looked at my admit, I understood the importance of taking risks in life. When I started having second thoughts, I started thinking of the brighter side of the scenario. I started visualizing going to the best school in New York and working over there. This gave me strength to take a risk and go after my dream.

Once you understand the importance of taking risks in life, as in when and how you should show your guts, you become unstoppable. There is no playing it safe card in life when you badly want to achieve something.

I can list down some beautiful things that will happen to you once you start to understand the power of being gutsy.

You Will Start Exploring Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Of course pursuing a dream and trying to get what you want is not that simple. You’ll have to walk that extra mile and explore beyond your comfort zone to achieve it. The challenges will make you bring out the best in you.

You Will Become Fearless

Fear is a major block towards the path of success. Once you are ready to take risks, fear will not able to enter your arena which is the best thing that can happen. Remember no successful man has become successful by fearing mistakes. Mistakes are a part of your journey and you should just be able to handle it gloriously.

Your Decision-Making Abilities Will Be Enhanced

People who are risk takers and brave always stick to their decisions and will do anything to prove their decision right.

I have a perfect take home line for you by “Herb Brooks”, it is so powerful that it will change your perception towards dreams – “Risk something or forever sit with your dreams”