Things You Should Never Do During An Argument With Your Partner

Things To Avoid When You Are Arguing With Your Partner
Things To Avoid When You Are Arguing With Your Partner
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Actions speak louder than words, they say. Despite knowing the consequences, we barely refrain ourselves from hurting someone with our harsh words or indecent actions.

A single word of indecency can destroy any relationship within a few minutes. Be it a professional argument or personal, crossing the limits of courtesy and repenting for the same is very obvious. But, we can control this and trust me, it is not at all a tough thing to do. Here are a few things that you should never do during an argument with your partner.

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1Never Hire Any Mediator

Keep your argument to you two. Once you are married, you must learn to deal with your problems and there is no point of asking your parents to jump in to clean your mess.

For seeking your parents’ advice regarding your trouble, you are going to narrate the problem in your version. In those circumstances, your parents’ advice is going to be biased. Eventually, their interference is only going to complicate things. Hence, no solution for your trouble. Therefore, avoid doing this when you are arguing with your partner.

2No Violence

As a human, we show our true personality under two circumstances i.e., when we are extremely happy or when we are abundantly pissed off. In these two cases, we prefer to express our emotions physically.

When we are upset, we try to impose our point of view on others without worrying much about their reactions. In the worst cases, we get physical and violent. But, as per relationship experts, in relationships, under any circumstances, there is no scope for violence regardless of how angry you are.

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3Never Dig Old Mistakes And Stick To One Problem

If you are arguing over something you did last week, then there is no use of digging mistakes from last year, whether sorted or not. By doing so, you are only going to make the current situation worse.

Do not dig out other mistakes of the past because this way you are going to turn something minor into a major conflict. Besides, if you put all your problems on the tray at the same time, you will start feeling like ending the relationship.

4Never Leave The Place Until You Sort

I have seen many people suggest leaving the place while having an argument. However, I think running away is not a situation, but facing the problem is. It is okay to leave the scene when you are out of your control. But, if you will try to run from the situation, you won’t be able to sort any of those.

Likewise, slamming of the doors, running from the scene without a proper solution, only shows the immaturity. Instead of running, wait for both to calm down, then talk freely.

5Never Try To Disconnect

In many cases, at the time of a disagreement, I have seen couples behaving like kids. They go to bed separately as if they are never going to reconcile.

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According to me, in cases of argument, do not behave like kids in a disagreement. At last, it is you two, who have to settle things. Then, there is no point of showing sign of ignoring each other. In my opinion, you must sleep on the same bed.

6Never Make It A Public Broadcast

I have seen a lot of couples doing this. They start arguing in public. That is not how mature people do. You have to respect yourself. In case, you are arguing in the public, you are clearly disrespecting your partner. Use common-sense. No one washes a dirty laundry in the public. The best thing is – go home and have the discussion.

Never make any statement in fury, they say. Show some maturity and try to not to have premature decisions like divorce or mutual separation.

Remember, such idiotic statements are going to have a long-lasting impact on your relationship.