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5 Skin Care Products You Should Never Buy

Dermatologist Secrets – 5 Products You Should Never Spend Your Money On
Dermatologist Secrets – 5 Products You Should Never Spend Your Money On
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Skin care requires special attention, but we often make mistakes and choose wrong beauty products. The two main reasons for that – countless options and too much marketing.

We all know that spending money on skin care products without limits is not only a financial stupidity but is no way good for skin too. I am not against the use of cosmetic products. However, we must agree that not all of these products are good. In this article, I will be talking about 5 skin care products you should never buy. And, these secrets are straight from the book of a dermatologist.

Be it a male or female, nowadays, everyone seems like striving for a clean and bright skin; perfectly hydrated and velvety one. Indisputably, genetic heritage and the food chart followed by a person plays an important role here, but we cannot rule out the contribution made by cosmetic products. Simultaneously, we cannot deny the fact that we buy these in ignorance; we get confused and trapped by their lavish packaging.

To cut the long story short, here under the skin care items that you should never buy because they are good for nothing.

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1Loofah Scrub Sponge

I know, ladies are in love with these colorful loofah sponges. But, before you buy these, check what experts are saying about these.

According to the dermatologists and various researchers; you are killing your skin if you are using loofah scrubs sponges. They are completely useless; at least for the face.

Actually, these sponges are not meant for the face because they are very aabrasive and can irritate skin really bad. If you use these sponges on face consistently, you are soon going to end up with an aggressive and irritated skin.

Conclusively, people have reported acne and eczema symptoms after using these sponges.

2Collagen Moisturizers

This information could be a shock for you, but collagen moisturizers are a complete waste of money. According to researchers and scientists, these anti-aging wrinkle reducing creams bring no difference to your skin.

According to the dermatologists, collagen molecules are much larger to be used as a cream. The active ingredient does not penetrate the skin. So, in case you are buying these, you are doing no favor to your skin. Inclusively, you are throwing your money on an expensive product that practically does not work.

3Abrasive Exfoliating Scrubs

Do you know that using abrasive exfoliating scrubs on the face is not a good practice?

According to specialists, there is no good reason to use an exfoliate abrasive skin scrub because it does not help at all.

On the contrary, it can cause irritation and induce skin hyper-pigmentation.

Instead, one should use a face lotion cream; rub with fingers, then simply remove it with a towel.

4Electric Brushes for Skin Cleaning

Bitter, but the truth – electric brushes for skin cleaning are not recommended by dermatologists. These methods do nothing but irritate skin and peel off the natural oils from its surface.

My dermatologist explained to me that it is better to use a toner with salicylic acid or glycolic acid, instead of these electric brushes for skin cleaning.

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5Strong At-Home Peel Chemicals

Since last few years, the craze for these strong at-home peel chemicals has been increased. But, according to skin specialists, these at-home peel chemicals are too strong to be used for skin.

The redness that occurs after the frequent use of these chemicals can have devastating long-term impacts such as scarring or discoloration. Also, some can cause serious allergic reactions.

So! These are the 5 skin care products that you should never buy. These products are not only going to irritate your skin but will be making a big hole in your pocket (as these are expensive).

Do you have any more suggestions? Do let me know in the comment section below.