Ghost Confession – That Cold Night of November 25

Ghost Confession - That Cold Night of November 25
Ghost Confession - That Cold Night of November 25
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It was around one o’clock in the midnight, dogs were barking and fighting. That noise gave me a sudden wake-up. I was probably having a dream. I was half-asleep. Somehow, that hullabaloo disturbed me. As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt very thirsty. I was badly looking for a sip of water. To have that, I left my bedroom and turned towards the fridge. I grabbed a water bottle and sat on the sofa. While I was sipping water from that bottle, I realized that the dogs outside were not barking anymore and rather they were crying, now. It shocked me. To check what is happening, I lifted the curtain and looked out. To my wonder, it was pin-drop silence. Although it surprised me, yet at that hour of the night, I preferred my bed. After using the washroom, I slept back.

Suddenly I realized that I forgot to switch off the bathroom light. I got up again and after switching the light off, I returned back to the room.

The moment I returned back to the bedroom, I heard a knock at the door. At first, I thought it was nothing but a hallucination, but, after that first knock, the second knock was extremely louder. This time, I was scared.

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I pulled out an iron rod (I used to keep one down my bed) and came out of my bedroom. Before unlocking the door, I preferred to check out through the curtain. With my shivering hands, I moved the curtain. I was already having goosebumps. There was no one on the door. Instead of opening the door and checking things out, I decided not to increase my troubles.

This incident was more than enough to kill my sleep. My eyes were wide open and there were no signs of sleep. It took me several hours to adjust my heart beat. After a lot of efforts, I managed to sleep.

Ghost Confession-That summer night of July 29th
Ghost Confession-That summer night of July 29th

But then something more frightened happened; utensils’ noise from the kitchen. Frankly, it scared me to the death. I was feeling like I am in a ghost house. But this time, I voted to not to get up. After a while, the sound stopped automatically.

The next morning, November 26, 2017, was Sunday. I got up at about 11 o’clock. As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized that I was still having the hangover of last night’s incident. Even an hour after waking up, I found myself submerged in the same accident.

Somehow, I got up and my next destination was – washroom. The moment, I stepped in, I found some weird spots on the bathroom floor. “Oh! These are toilet cleaner’s marks,” I talked to myself.

Later that day, I was out with my weekend plans. In the evening, I came back home. After having a few drinks with my friends, I booked a cab; back to my home. Despite being scared, I unlocked the main door and stepped in. I was back home.

It was 12.30 am and I was sleepless. Then, around 1 or 1.30 a.m., the same shit happened again; the noise of the utensil.

“Who is that?” I asked twice. But there was no answer. However, right after I screamed, there was no sound at all.

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I came out of the room, and I realized someone’s presence. I was unable to see anything because it was dark. I motivated myself and then, somehow I managed to switch the lights. I moved towards the kitchen sink, and this time, I felt like someone touched me. I was about to scream but controlled myself.

Then this continued for a few days. I was still convincing myself about any presence of a ghost in my house. But after January 12, all my doubts were dispelled.

That night, at the exact same time, someone called me by my name. I deliberately did not respond. But then I realized that someone shook my legs. I was left with no option than opening my eyes. This time, I saw an old woman with a face full of wrinkles, was staring and smiling at me.

Ghost Confession-That summer night of July 29th
Ghost Confession-That summer night of July 29th

Then, she asked me to join her in the lobby. For me, it was a dream. But then she again called me by my name. I preferred not to overlook her call. So, I joined her in the lobby.

She started telling her story. She told me about how her two sons, who are living in abroad house-arrested her. Even the windows of the house were covered with plywood. They tried every possible thing to make sure that nobody can see their mother. Then, one ill-fated day, a thief, trespassed her house and killed that old lady. After a few days, her body started to decompose, and that was the time when neighbors called the police.

While listening to her story, I was in a dilemma; do I need to show some sympathy or should I be scared?

But, still, I dared and asked, “What do you want from me?”

At this, she laughs out loud.

The next morning, I found myself lying on the couch.

I talked to some of the people living in my neighborhood about this house. As I expected, there was no response.

Then, someone told me about seeing a saint, living in his old in the middle of the jungle, far away from my house. I thought I should see that old man with my question.

Ghost Confession-That summer night of July 29th
Ghost Confession-That summer night of July 29th

He told me that I should vacate that house. He told me that whoever rented this house, died of illness. A few months ago a couple came to live. They experienced the same crap. Despite telling the owner about it, nothing was done. After a few days, the couple was found dead in the bathroom of the same house.

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He further stated, after this incident, the house remained vacant for months. And now I was the one, who rented it. He advised me to leave that house.

Initially, I decided to ignore his suggestions. But, I was wrong and this decision of mine made me suffer from numerous diseases like insomnia, restlessness and high blood pressure. Apart from this, I had to deal with multiple episodes of kitchen faucet noise, blood stains in the bathroom, feeling of someone lying by my side, someone staring at me in the night, someone putting weight on the shoulders and sometimes even someone’s laughing sound and so on.

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After bearing this for 6 months, I left that house. Today I have made my own house. I do not know that whether I should call that house a haunted one or not, but one thing I can say for sure is – I experienced the presence of a ghost.

It’s been so many years, nevertheless, I still cannot forget my meeting with that old lady.