My Confessions About Self-Proclaimed Most Beautiful Women

My Confessions About Self-Proclaimed Most Beautiful Women
My Confessions About Self-Proclaimed Most Beautiful Women
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Dear Women – It is okay that you wear short skirts and skimpy clothing. But, please tell me more about how you are not provocative and men are perverts for staring.

Before I can start with my confessions, let me tell you, this is going to be very straightforward and painful for those girls, who are living in a bubble that they are good looking and the whole world is staring at them; just dying to have a glimpse of their cleavage or underwear line.

I am done with your one-liners, “All men are the same. Men are dogs. Men are perverts. Men and mouse are the same, as they both keep looking for holes. It is always about sex in men’s brain. Men’s brain is down there.” Oh, come on! You ain’t JLO (Jennifer Lopez) that the whole world is gawking at your bum.

Do you think you know everything about us? Let me tell you, throughout your entire life so far, you attended wrong classes; your teacher must be an idiot. It is your wrong experience that is representing you as a naive.

I really hate it when a woman pretending to be one with all the experience, and in reality, she is nothing, but a lost cow. Dear overconfident, hefty beanbags – men do not want to spend time in the company of women like you. It is quite annoying. We respect females, their knowledge, their presence, their dignity, and their moral values.

But, you need to keep in mind – respect is a two-way process. You will only get back, what you deposit and that too with a high percentage of interest.

Don’t get offended when I say this – not all men are interested in your cleavage areas or underwear lines. Stop adjusting your uppers, stop pulling your small size t-shirts as they are not going to go beyond their size. If you are so uncomfortable about your ‘low waist jeans, low length t-shirts,’ then better you stop wearing waist cut jeans.

You are making me feel uncomfortable when you try to cover your thighs that you are trying to highlight otherwise with your ripped jeans. I might not be shocked about your naked thighs, but your senseless dressing sense that even you are not feeling comfortable about.

Believe it or not, men do not like when a woman shows her in a lewd bust. A neckline is not overly attractive, and a woman should not resort to such a move to attract a man’s attention.

I am not checking your breast all the time; I ain’t that free whole day. I might be reading the quote on your t-shirt. If that makes you so uncomfortable, then you should better stop wearing those tees with lengthy quotes.

And, let me tell you, sometimes they are hell funny. Reminds me of an incident where I saw a girl who was wearing a t-shirt with a quote – “Bigger than mountains,” in Caps. The moment we crossed each other, I saw ‘Dreams’ on the top in smalls. It was – dreams, BIGGER THAN MOUNTAINS, but from far, it was only – bigger than mountains.” I tried my level best to hold me from ROFL and that lady literally forced me to laugh like an ABL.


Let me burst another imaginary balloon of yours. Many men are not at all interested in girls who receive too much attention on Instagram or Facebook, and other social networks. Moreover, they do not like when a woman posts too many pictures or offer too many details about her life.

It is more likely an open book to everyone. If you are posting a picture of yours in a bikini or an outrageous outfit, what sort of comments and reaction you expect from others? I have seen many females talking like broadminded people and in reality, they are ready to kill someone for an accidental or unintentional touch.

I have seen a plenty of girls of this category, who talk a lot about women’s empowerment and women’s equality at the same time. I am not against empowering anyone in need, be it a male or female.

Trust me, these self-proclaimed most beautiful women are nothing else, but confused characters with personality disorders. If you think dressing like a man is all you need for representing yourself as a strong lady, then you are gravely mistaken.

Let me ask, if you are strong enough, then why do you need someone to empower you and if you enjoy playing your woman sympathy cards, then why you talk a lot about this equality crap.

I know, most of you are going to outcry about your pain of delivering a baby that a man cannot match. We pay our highest regards to you for bearing that acute pain.

But, how can you overlook the endless struggle that a man has to do to keep that baby in good shape as a single breadwinner? Stop, ululating. “I left everything behind when I joined your family after marriage,” is another favorite emotional card women like to throw every time.

Are you serious, you think you really left everything behind? What about the hours’ long phone conversations with your mothers? You are not disconnected, but you keep trying to disconnect me from the things. What a shifty play, isn’t it?

Like many others, we too hate dowry system; it is more likely selling a daughter or buying a boy. But, how would you justify your demands of having a husband with five-six figure salary, own house, luxury car and so on?

I have heard about many cases where these self-proclaimed beautiful women keep on rejecting boys of the same age group because of the looks and at the end, they build their own reasons for justifying their marriage with an ugly looking fatso old man driving a Porsche.

Admit it, ladies, it is not about looks, but bank accounts. Most of you have a double face personality and you cannot deny this. No doubt, we have exceptions and like the male, not every female is the same. There are a few who knows how to earn respect, whereas majority is of those who beg for the respect.

Should you stop behaving like self-proclaimed most beautiful women, only then, you will be able to meet with some men who are not perverts.