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Must Follow Beauty Secrets Revealed By A Specialist
Must Follow Beauty Secrets Revealed By A Specialist

Must Follow Beauty Secrets Revealed By A Specialist

Don't hide your face behind cucumbers, but follow the tips revealed by experts.



  1. Massage your body with sesame oil.
  2. Fish oil is one among the best anti-aging products.
  3. White sugar should be avoided if possible.

I think all of us happened to look admiringly at various ladies who have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect white teeth… or maybe even have them all.

I admit that when I see women with crazy hair and shiny skin often or porcelain, I ask myself, “what secrets they have!” Do you wonder the same? Well, here are the beauty secrets that I learned from a beauty specialists friend of mine that she acquired after talking with many hairdressers, dermatologists, dentists, and physicians.

Use Sesame Oil

Every morning, massage your body with sesame oil. It will not only awaken your skin, but will restart circulation. Plus that will give skin hydration and a healthy sheen. After applying and massaging for a little while, then take a shower. This will naturally remove dead cells.

Consider fish oil

Fish oil is one among the best anti-aging products. It can really do wonders. From improving your heart function and immune system, it can help you in hair growth and can create a slim skin.

Give up foundation

Give up the foundation. Should you go for a daily foundation, you will get even more wrinkles. The best way is to use some concealer where you need (under eyes, red spots, etc.) and then apply some moisturizer.

Do Not Eat White Sugar

White sugar should be avoided if possible. It accelerates the aging process by creating clots and weakening the collagen in the skin. This can lead to premature wrinkles and aging skin. Eat more fruits and vegetables a day.

Uses white sugar for exfoliation instead. Combine the white sugar with some cleansing gel and rub on your face and body with this mix. This will leave your skin very soft and the skin will be perfect for makeup.

Care of Your Eye Area

The face creams can irritate the eyes, so it is better to have a product specifically designed for the skin around the eyes. This cream will smooth your wrinkles, and if you choose a product in gel form you will ensure that your makeup will last all day.

Take Care of Your Hands

Try that every time you show your skin some love, do the same and hands. When you exfoliate and get out with a mask on the face, exfoliate and apply the same mask and hands. Use of enzymes and concentrate on face and hands, it will help a lot!

Treat You Skin With Vitamins

Use a moisturizer with vitamin C, 30% concentration. It is a great antioxidant that will repair skin after being exposed to harmful solar rays. Refresh yourself with fruit. Cleanse your mouth with any fruit containing malic acids like strawberries, apples, and grapes. It removes stains.

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Instead of giving you the curls with gel, apply a small amount of conditioner or hair mask before you dry. The conditioner will moderate rebel hairs and will also provide extra hydration. Apply very little eye cream on genes, so they will not dry out and deteriorate, but will remain hydrated and healthy.

If you lengthen coffee in one hour, you risk staining the teeth. But if you drink a few sips of quick, you avoid the disturbing effect. The same applies to tea, liquid stain, dark fruit juices.