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Muscular & Real Men Do Not Cry! Seriously?
Muscular & Real Men Do Not Cry! Seriously?
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Muscular & Real Men Do Not Cry! Seriously?

Take Note : Real Men Do Cry.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. We men wear a mask too.
  2. Most gather the pain and go with that to the grave.
  3. Masculinity is misunderstood by society.

Real men do not cry ever because tears are a sign of weakness, in the view of many of them. Male hormones inhibit their emotional manifestations too.

We are living in a society where women own all the copyrights for crying; only they can deliver an emotional weeping, whether it is a joyous moment or sad. Right from the childhood, we men are taught to suppress emotions. We are told to not to express our tears in public.

For a male, crying symbolize acceptance of defeat; it is like a declaration of losing something. According to a study, men experience a devastating sadness because the tears are missing. Tighten all the pain inside, closes there and never overflows. Most gather the pain and go with them to the grave.

That “warriors” are not allowed to show the suffering is one of the strongest and oldest social prejudices.

Men seem more devastating sadness and this could be because the tears are missing. Men are nurtured in a very strict environment, where they are asked to tighten all the pain inside, closes there and never overflows. Most gather the pain and go with that to the grave.

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Men are not allowed to show their sensibilities, sufferings, weaknesses by crying. Throughout their life, men carry a picture; a nicely drawn portrait of a powerful superhero. But, in reality like females, even males have feelings, emotions, sensitivities, sufferings, and like females, they also want to show them.

In my opinion, a real man is the one who cries, not the one who abstains from the cry or make a woman cry.

But, we are asked to wear a mask. Every day we wear a mask. Dear women, you spend so much time in front of the mirror because you want to look perfect, to hide defects and feel better. But, what women do not know is that we men wear a mask too, even if we do not use makeup. Yes, we wear a mask. This mask is called masculinity.

Masculinity is Misunderstood By Society

Being male, being alpha, in terms of joint ventures, means:

  1. To be always leading, dominant and in control
  2. You do not show your emotions, never
  3. Showing emotions make us a wimp
  4. For us, crying means behaving like females
  5. If a man is not in a dominating position, sure of himself, in control, powerful means he is not a man

One of the biggest difficulties is when other men are told to act like a man! What does that mean? It does mean what society tells us, by the inserted memes through movies, books, music, and family? Does being a man means not to show your emotions? Does it mean to be tough all the time? Why? Whole life we men are made to live with a wrong definition of masculinity.

What is Masculinity?

Masculinity Means Real Manhood

  • Make yourself vulnerable, say what you feel, what you think, with the risk of being trampled and be refused because vulnerability is power.
  • Cry when something strikes you.
  • Express yourself clearly as you feel and how you think, without putting any mask.
  • Do not worry about the others’ opinion and also, stop seeking validations.
  • Give up the illusion that you are controlling things. The only thing you can control is – your actions.
  • True manhood is lacking in our society or at least stays hidden under a mask.

We need more real men, not the flash alpha males chasing females, applying techniques on them to take their phone number, which does not recognize their emotions and not admit to crying when something hurts them.

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Masculinity means getting out of the masks, not to use this makeup and express genuine, clear and honest as we are. To express our pain, to express our fears, to show our emotions and make us vulnerable to people who are with us and not least, being male was meant to express your love; fearlessly, bluntly and without delays. And, say what you feel at the risk of being refused!

Remember, real men cry, not always, but only when they feel, and they freely express without any fear of judgment and without wearing masks!