Most Essential Things Every Girl Should have in Her Bag

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Shruti Singh

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  1. No makeup essentials for your bag.
  2. Keep things you most need at all times.

If there is one thing that every girl never forget to carry when we go out, it is a bag. Sometimes empty, sometimes full of unnecessary things, we have to have it on our shoulders. For it gives a sense of completeness to us.

So today, we have compiled a list of all the very basic things that every woman should pack in her bag.  We will not really be talking about all the makeup essentials in your bag, but things you should really need to be organized.

1Safety pins

How many times have you asked for a safety pin from a friend of yours when you popped a button of your shirt? Trust us when we say that this is the most essential item you should always have in your purse. Who knows it may come to your rescue when you most need it. And on top of that, it weighs absolutely nothing.

2Hand Sanitizer

With so many options of hand sanitizers available today, you cannot miss having this in your bag. And obviously we touch so many things at public places with a lot many germs than you can imagine. Having a hand sanitizer will not only help you keep clean but will also keep away your illnesses.


Who knows when you catch a cold? Who do you turn to when you have your nose running and you need a wipe. So it is better safe than sorry when it comes to tissues. Always keep a pack of tissues handy for that rare runny nose.

4Sanitary Napkins

Do we even need to mention this in the list? It is a pretty obvious one. Even if you’ve just finished your period, you never want to take a chance with it especially if you’re over 30. Always, and we mean ALWAYS carry one in your bag. You never know when you might need to use it.

5Bobby pins and hair bands

We are sure you have experienced going out with loose hair and wanting to tie them into a band or bun later on. In moments like these you wish you had a hair pin or a hair band. Of course, if your hair is long you don’t need a hair band to tie a bun. But we genuinely advise you to keep a set of bobby pins and hair bands in your purse.

6Hidden Cash

What would you do if you lost your wallet? No one knows when an emergency may strike. In such a case, hidden cash in your bag will always come to your rescue. Just make sure you never spend that cash when you have your wallet with you. Keep it strictly for emergency purpose.

7Kajal or an eye pencil

Yes, this is one makeup item we strongly recommend you keep in your bag. We all know that if there’s one thing we need to keep reapplying, that is a kajal. Most of the kajals these days smudge a lot and wears off in a few hours. So if you’re out for long, you must have a kajal in your bag at all times.


Be it a gum or anything like a tic-tac. You cannot avoid drinking a strong cup of tea or garlic bread or anything with a strong flavor and go without the lingering in your breath. Save yourself from the embarrassment of bad breath. It can be a real turn off.

9Emergency First-Aid Kit

We are not really talking about a whole bag of first-aid kit. Keep only the essentials which include a band-aid, a pain relief medicine of your choice, an anti-acid and some cotton.


How can we skin the most commonly carried item in a woman’s purse? A deodorant is a necessity and I’m sure all of you would agree. No deodorant sticks for longer than a few hours and a touch up is absolutely required. Keep one in your bag to avoid smelling all sweaty especially in summers.

So, there you have it! A list of all the essential items that we think you must always have in your bag while going out. And the best thing is that these items don’t weigh anything.