Money or Trust Allow One Thing to Rust

Money and Trust – Allow One Thing to Rust
Money and Trust – Allow One Thing to Rust
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Money and trust, they hardly fit anywhere in one sentence except Loan Agreements.

And, the funniest part is, these banks whom you trust with your money, they don’t even trust you with their pen; they keep them locked to the desk. People say, when it is about money and trust, choose trust. To them, money can be earned any time, but not trust. However, there are a few others who think, one should choose money because it is not easy to make money because trust itself says t-rust; something that is going to be a loss after some time.

No wonder, financial help is the greatest of all. If you got Benjamin on you, you can always buy moral and emotional support; people love to be around wealthy, but sad souls. I once met a lady in the bar.

She literally had a mesmerizing smile, but teary eyes. I saw her sitting in the corner and her eyes were so full of sleeplessness like she had not slept for days. I was gazing at her last few minutes.

I was talking to me – “come on lady, look at me, look at me.” Finally, she gave me a look and I approached her. “I have been noticing you since long. You seem like in some sort of trouble. Can I help you?” These were a first few sentences that came out of my mouth after seeing that waterfall of beauty.

“I am from Germany. I came here to see my fiance. I thought of giving him a surprise. But, the moment I reached his place, I saw him dating someone else. I am so broken. I got no money to travel back.” She was crying. “Please do not cry. I will buy you a return ticket,” I said. “Thank you so much, but do me a favor if you really want to; do not buy me a ticket, pay me some bucks as I need to bash that man once before I leave.

He is a dangerous person, and I don’t want to put you in a risk.” I was not at all suspicious about her story as it was presented so well. She also insisted on giving my address to her, so that she can refund me. “It’s okay. Here is the money and here is my address. I will be staying here for a month. Hope you will manage to pay me back by this time.” Of course, I will. And, she left.

The moment she left, I was feeling like she duped me. But, what can be done? A few days later, I received a phone call from the local police as someone lodged a complaint against me. I was in deep shock. I reached there.

To my shock, it was her; the lady whom I trusted with my money. She lodged a complaint that I own her money and now I am not paying her back. As an evidence, she produced the slip on where I wrote my address for her. According to the complaint, I owe her €3000.

“Hang on, before you trust her story her story, I want to show you something,” I told the policeman. I show him a video of everything and that proved me ‘not guilty.’ Although that lady raised an alarm against my recording without her will.

But, the policeman told her, though you are free to lodge a complaint about that offense too, but as per my legal experience, the grounds of recording will favor this guy. But, for this time, we have to reverse your complaint, and this guy is free to go.

“Well, thank god, I am still following the secret trick; a trick that I learned from an investor friend of mine,” I swear to god, my legs were shaking even after hours of the incident. But, he was so true that when it is about money, trust nobody.

I must say, money is an exact opposite of trust because you ask for money when you don’t trust someone and when you trust someone, you never ask for money. Isn’t it?

I have seen people killing for a few bucks and I have seen blood relative turning blood seeking enemies. Be it any corner of the world or any society, money is the reason behind the trust.

Trusting is fine and important as well because you cannot make money without trusting someone. But, if you are trusting someone blindly, you are on your way to suicide.

Believe me, eight out of ten people whom you trust with your money are always looking for a win out and given a chance, they will show their true colors, no matter how old your relationship is and where do you keep them in your life.

You may feel it bad, but no one including you is exempted from this rule; we all look for an easy exit. I know you might be thinking that there is at least one person that you can trust with your money. And, I wish you are true. But, still, you should not lay all your eggs in a bucket that you have no direct access to.

Do not be so dumb and do not trust anyone with the closed eye. Like I said, trusting is good, but if you are not leaving a way out for yourself, what is the point, then?

Finally, It is only God whom we can trust. Rest everything we document and we should.