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Money And Marriage Problems – The Role of Money In A Relationship

People say money cannot buy happiness. Poverty sure ain't going to help either.

Money and Marriage Problems
Money and Marriage Problems
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

I’d be a hypocrite if I say that money does not matter in a relationship. Maybe not everything, but certainly have its share of contribution to our happiness. When it is about a husband and wife’s relationship, money plays an important role.

Let’s be serious, no offense, but just imagine how many domestic/couple quarrels could be avoided if there were no money problems? Money helps us satisfy our whims and needs and we extract dose of happiness from every little pleasure that money gives us. In this article, I would like to talk about money and marriage problems. I will try to tell you how money plays an important role.

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Undoubtedly, only a happy soul can make others’ happy and if we are happy, we can then only make others happy. No wonder, there are people who believe that for a tension free life, you must learn to live in present. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, you must show gratitude for what you have. But, allow me to ask you, for how long you think you are going to a life full of compromises and adjustments?

Be it any relationship (especially the marriage), but for a smooth journey, we need money.  Let me ask, would you prefer marrying someone who only has talks to offer, but no money? When I say that money matters to me in a relationship, by no means I am advocating only a rich partner. In my opinion, I affirm that both partners have to make money to enjoy a family and a life of decency.

You cannot endlessly repeat “I love you,” to show affection. You as a couple need a lot of other things than just a bouquet of flowers or some expensive perfume. As the couple, instead of fighting over who is contributing more, a couple must emphasize the ways of increasing the “material wealth.” We are not supposed to fight over who, but how.

Here are a few most appropriate examples. The importance of money is felt from the first meeting when a man takes a female to the best restaurants or pubs. The question here comes is – how the bill will be paid; whether the boy will pay or it is on girl or they both are going to split it in half?

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Continuing further; at the end of the day, if she prefers to take a taxi, who is going to pay the fare? Do you really want me to answer this? We are living in such a civilization where it is a man who is supposed to pay. Should a girl is made to pay, it is considered an insult and society will label you as an incompetent male surviving on the female partner’s money.

Yes, Money cannot buy happiness. But, it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle. What Say?

Society has taught us that man is the one who should make more money. Right from the birth, a man is nurtured with the thoughts that he is the one who is supposed to work to support the family and take care of her home and children.

According to a research, 93% of women deny relationship only because they feel that their would-be partner is not going to make as much money as they expect and will not be able to fulfill their economic needs.

I have heard it from many couples – it went all good for a few years. But, after some time things became worse between us. This happens because in the initial years we are barely concerned with our partner’s salary and his other financials.

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But, after moving further in a relationship for a few years, we start realizing his/her earning and spending habits. It is when the definition of love changes from flowers to groceries. From this time onward, we start keeping an eye on who is earning what and who is spending where?

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Instead of fighting over these small issues, you must learn to put aside some money for contingencies. Although these are very small things, yet I have seen people fighting over these petty issues.

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving – Warren Buffet