Mistakes You Do Before Buying And Wearing A Bra

Mistakes You Do Before Buying And Wearing A Bra
Mistakes You Do Before Buying And Wearing A Bra
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  1. Check the model of the cup.
  2. Never wear same bra two days in a row.
  3. Do not buy the same size multiple bras

Dear ladies! I have a silly question to ask; how much do you like to wear a bra?

We know that wearing a correct size bra not only assures your level of comfort, but it can save you from various health diseases as well. The wrong bra means improper blood circulation, disfigured breasts and a probable cause of breast cancer. There might be some other issues that can bother you when it comes to this piece of clothing. Generally, the main reason behind these troubles are mistakes you do before buying and wearing a bra. Here are a few of the mistakes to avoid when buying a bra.

Choosing the wrong model of the cup

I have noticed that many girls prefer buying a half cup bra. No doubt, it is an awesome deal, but little do they know that small cup bra is not for ladies with a big bust. It goes without saying that larger breasts cup require for larger breasts.

According to industry experts, there are seven different types of breast and your selection must be according to the natural form of your breasts. For example, women with breasts on the side need a bra that brings them together, and women with teardrop-shaped breasts need a bra that offers an extra push.

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Wrong adjustment of straps

Most of the girls, I notice, they keep raising their bra straps whole day. Instead, they need to make sure that they adjust the straps every time they wear a bra. Regular washing and wearing bras are the reasons behind the weaker and loosen straps. Also, check if you have purchased a bigger size or worn out bra.

Buying multiple bras of the same size

Have you ever noticed that not all the jeans you buy are of the same size? Many times, you have to fluctuate the size of your clothing according to their make and fit.

Same goes with bras; not all bras or their sizes are created equal. You might feel okay with a small size bra if you are wearing a skinny upper. However, a bigger size becomes a must when you have to wear a loose upper. You surely need to do a trimming when changing styles of bras.

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Same bra two days in a row

Many women don’t know that wearing the same bra repeatedly without skipping a day after washing is a big problem. Most women probably do it. But, they don’t know that if you wear the same bra two days in a row, you are damaging your bra’s elasticity.

You must leave your bra unworn for at least one day to allow its elasticity to reach the optimum level. It is like, if you keep pulling a muscle to its end limit without giving it any break, it will not be able to return to its original shape.

So, next time before buying and wearing a bra, do keep these points in mind. This will not only increase the life of your bra, but will save you a lot of money as well.

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