The Million Dollar Question Does Size Matter?

The Million Dollar Question - Does Size Matter?
The Million Dollar Question - Does Size Matter?
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Size doesn’t matter at all. It is how you move your body, how you use your legs. The smallest person can block the biggest person out.

Considered by many a measure of manhood, male genital size is judged by criteria most often arbitrary and less by scientific realities. One of the great dilemmas regarding sex is if eventually penis size matter for the sexual satisfaction of women or not? For men, greatness is very important, but studies have shown that size matters only for certain women and certain types of orgasms. Most men report their penis to those seen in adult movies, which are almost always higher than the average.

Male Genital Size Around The World

Congo – 18,7 cm
Ecuador – 17,7
Ghana – 17,6
Columbia – 17
Iceland – 16,6.5
Sudan – 16,6
Jamaica – 16,6
Mexico – 15, 5
Poland – 14,5
Germany – 14,4
New Zealand – 13,5
U.K – 13,5
Canada – 13,5
Spain – 13,5
France – 13,4
Australia – 13,4
Russia – 13,2
USA – 12,5
Romania – 12,5
India – 10,4
China – 10,4
Thailand – 10,4
North & South Korea – 9,3

North and South Korean, Don’t be upset. You guys are still in the game. Medically, if a genital erection is measured less than 7 cm, only then it is considered micro penis. From the scientific point of view, girth is more important than length. The average depth of the vagina is 15 cm, but there are important differences on the areas that can be stimulated the most. The top 5 cm in down there (in females) is the highly important because they contain the most nerve endings and whose excitement leads to orgasm.

Why Are A Few Men Crazy About Big Genitals ?

The size of the genital among man is an ideal arbitrary notion, but having a bigger genital makes you a superhero among women is nothing, but a myth. According to area experts, it is nothing, but a technique used by genital enlargement solutions companies to sell their ‘so-called idiotic solutions.” These companies are promoting certain material about genital size and are constantly trying to make men feel embarrassed. These companies keep telling them that they are lacking something and as they have less than adequate, hence, they will get less than adequate.

The Books of Sexologists

As per the experts, should you have an encounter with a woman who advocates bigger genital, she is the one who like aggressive sex. Women who complain about the inadequate genital size, the keep on complaining about not having an orgasm. But the truth is more complex. Most sexologists do not support the idea that only a large penis can produce orgasms better or more often.

A man who does not understand or does not give the interest is far less likely to bring his partner to orgasm, regardless of size. There are many sexual positions that can be tried for better results. Correct Stimulation of clitoris and vagina are the key to orgasm, according to the sexology. There are many sexual positions that can be tried for better results. Correct Stimulation of clitoris and vagina are the key to orgasm, according to the sexology. According to experts, “there are men with the normal size genitals, but they opt for surgery only because they want to look like porn stars. Here, the problem is in their minds. They go for surgery (penis enlargement surgery) without caring much about fact that after surgery a patient has to follow a therapy for the tissues to remain stretched. If fails, the male genital will then returns to its previous size. Thus, this endowment solutions are nothing, but a complete wastage and a madness.

Instead, wasting your time and money on increasing your genital size, it is better to invest the same time and energy to learn how to bring a woman to orgasm, relying purely on natural endowments.