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Microwave Mentality – Why Are We All In A Hurry?
Microwave Mentality – Why Are We All In A Hurry?

Microwave Mentality – Why Are We All In a Hurry?

Microwave mentality is when Ok becomes 'K.'

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.



  1. We are running fast towards nowhere.
  2. The Microwave Mentality doesn't work.
  3. Break down your goals and retrain your brain.

Microwave mentality; a mentality a few of us are blessed with. If you don’t know what is it, let me break it for you. “If something cannot be done in five minutes or less, it is not worth doing.” Ahem! Now you got it.

Before I explain you what microwave mentality is, allow me the privilege of making a few satires and would like to apologize in the very beginning because this is going to be a little offensive.

“Human; the best creation of almighty God.” Well, this is what every holy book talks about. There are civilizations that firmly believe in reincarnation and according to their statistics, our soul was blessed with a human body after successfully passing through the 8.4 million species of life. Don’t know whether factual or mythological, and I am not that wise to counter question the Vedas and holy books; not my concern.

Well, people may oppose it because this world is full of two kinda people – Positive People and Negative People. There is another theory, at then end of our life (I hope we all believe death), we are not going to take anything with us. It is going to be a casket of 84 inches and the same amount of space at the graveyard and that too beneath land; a pit full of hidden insects.

You might not like, when an ugly looking man touches you. But, do you have any emergency plan for the situation when the same man will be buried on the top of you or when you will be converted to ashes at the same place, where that ugly man was burned a week ago; we got limited space in graveyards. I hardly doubt.

I want to finish things at the soonest possible. I want to do make endless money, and I know I might not be the one who will enjoy it. My point is if human life is so precious, then why are we wasting it, doing useless things. Why are we becoming people with microwave mentality? Don’t understand, what are the reasons behind the missing amount of patience? What are we marathoning about?

We are building machines to make our life easier. But, ask yourself, what kind of ease we gained? We have mobile phones, but there is no communication within family members. We have cars, airplanes, bullet trains and so on, but we have no time to visit our old parents waiting for us. We have the internet and we know what is happening around the world, but we have no idea of who is living next door.

We want everything done in five minutes. It is becoming like cooking canned food; open the can, drop in the fry and pan and done. Let is be your workplace, worship place, home, road, or any other place you can think of; nobody wants to wait.

Our social media apps; they are funny. They are making us a cheater. Now, on Facebook, I can be your friend, and I can hide your updates. On Whatsapp, I can be in the group, but I can mute your notifications and I can also hide my last visible time.

Double blue ticks mean message read. Now, I need these sorts of filthy tricks to hide from my ‘friends.’ I have 2.5 million followers on my profile, but I don’t even know the names of 25 people. Aren’t we becoming a slave of these binary numbers? Why are we in a rush of adding more numbers to it? What are we up to? This microwave mentality of ours is actually victimizing everything since decades.

With the motive of finishing things at the earliest and saving more time for more new things, we are actually vanishing a lot of very precious things and we are doing it with every moment passed.

Thank God! There are still a few things that are not in the control of human being. Things like day and night, a baby’s birth, life and death, rain and drought, gravity, our solar system, human anatomy and a few more. Just imagine, if humans can control these too.

But no wonder, the speed with which our microwave mentality is changing, one day, we are going to touch that milestone.