Men’s Version – Do Indian Men Think of Sex All The Time?

Men's Version - Do Indian Men Think of Sex All The Time?
Men's Version - Do Indian Men Think of Sex All The Time?
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Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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Okay Ladies! Raise your hand if you think that Indian men think of sex all the time!

How true is this? Often it happens that women weave an opinion on men about something without even having an urge to know the full truth. The topic is very much intriguing and we thought of bringing the men’s version of this billion dollar question – Do Indian men think of sex all the time?

We spoke with many guys, visited many public places with this question, reviewed many public forums, interviewed several men at our office. The purpose was to unravel the mysterious working of a man’s mind about sex.

Scientifically, women brain tend to work more mysteriously than men but in this case, it’s MEN! Let me walk you through a few of the abstracts that I collected after interviewing.

Varun – All the time? I don’t think so… But, yes the thought crosses my mind every time I imagine my girlfriend wearing a sexy lingerie. However, most of the time I’m just thinking of kissing her and just being with her; she’s very beautiful!

Mohit – With all the work at the office I’m engrossed in, no! I think men really can flip on their switch quite easily.

One moment we are thinking of sex and the other moment we are thinking of shares in the stock market! I’ll very much deny this notion of women’s. In fact, we don’t even think of sex after we masturbate.

Yashpal – Hey! women are as horny as men. You better stop typecasting men here. And, I don’t see any harm in thinking about sex all the time. Is there any?

However, I would still like to raise my voice against this notion of ladies – NO, we don’t do that all the time.

Frankly speaking, I do have a girlfriend and most of the time I wonder about her mood swings! Hope you got my point!

Miraj – Well, right now I’m really thinking of the pizza that I have ordered. Hope you got an answer to your question! (Oh yes, this was quite witty and clear)

Suraj – Don’t you think it’s women who love explanations? They like to explain to their mates about how their first kiss went, their sex experience or even their orgasms.

True that we look at girls and a few of us have really dirty looks. But, we are not at you with sex imagination in mind. I don’t about others, but, we as group, most of the time talk about wwe, royal rumble, smack down, or IPL.

Milan – Oh yes! Only the men who are unemployed. I guess even men who are single and desperate but this certainly doesn’t justify the notion that men in India think about sex all the time. According to me, there will be hardly 15% of men in this category. Looking at the economy…who has time!

Ajinkya – I definitely think of sex before going to bed. I like to spend some quality time with my girl before hitting the sack.

All day thinking of that is not at all possible, my days are filled with meetings and targets! I really have to bring money home.

Even with friends, we would rather discuss sports or politics over a glass of beer than our sex life.

Women can be as horny as men and believing that men think of sex all the time is a typical gender stereotyping…it’s like saying women can never be good drivers!