Men Vs. Women – 10 Myths About Women That Are True

Men Vs. Women - 10 Myths About Women That Are True
Men Vs. Women - 10 Myths About Women That Are True
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Women are great or men; it has always been an issue of debate. But, if it is scientifically understood, there are things, in which women are good and there are somewhere a man is good. Let’s know about those things.

Women are not a good driver. Women become more emotionally involved in a relationship than men. These kinda questions are more of an endless debate. Should you ask these in a group discussion, you are never going to get the right answer, but argument. However, here is what scientists have to say on these myths about women that are true.

1Women Can See More Colors

I always have an argument with my wife about colors. She has a huge list of colors and we usually fail to agree on a color until I realized that she can see more colors than me. Studies say women are superior when it comes to seeing colors.

The genes due to which we are able to differentiate between colors are found only on chromosome X, and men have only one. Scientists also have an explanation that because women have developed this capacity since ancient times while picking vegetables and fruits.

2Women Suffer More

It has been scientifically proved that women suffer more than men. And, the reason behind this – women have more pain receptors than men. This is believed to be due to the lack of a GRK2 that regulates the amount of pain each person experiences.

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3Women Cannot Handle Drinks

This one is true and this is scientifically proved. According to researchers, women have less water in the body as compare to men. And, this is why alcohol affects them more and more quickly. So, a few pegs can drive them crazy.

4Women Talk Much

Women talk a lot. This is no mystery now. It is scientifically proved that women speak even three times more than men and have a more varied vocabulary. The Foxp2 protein is found in the body of women in a much higher quantity than in men. In addition, the region in the brain responsible for language is 17% higher in women than in men.

5Women Are Worst Drivers

This one is epic. You must have heard that women are poor drivers. And, this is true. I am substantiating my statement with a scientific statement.

Recent studies show that men are much better off with space-orientation and driving than women. Many women lack the sense of direction, and have clear difficulties, in finding out the north or south in a location.

6Women Are Victims of Prejudices

That is not true, in many cases. A study claims that women do enjoy a soft corner for many things.

Companies prefer to drop male candidates for a female candidate. And, there are cases, where women get paid more than a man, despite lesser skills.

7Women Become More Emotionally Involved

This one is not just a myth, but a scientifically proven fact. Studies clearly show the differences between men and women’s brain in this context.

Both men and women were shown the same emotional image.

The image activated the same parts of men and women’ brain. The relationship was stronger in the male brain as compared to females.

This is why women react more strongly than a man to emotional images.

8Men Think of Sex More Than Women

Now, this one is seriously not true. A recent study claimed that women think of sex about 19 times a day as compared to men, who think 20 times a day. In addition to this, an American research claims that a woman with normal libido thinks about sex every 51 minutes.

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9No Woman in This World Has Equal Breasts

Perfectly true. The breasts are never the same. Always one is bigger than the other. Usually, the left one is a bit bigger. Sometimes the difference can be observed with the naked eye, sometimes not. And the shape can be slightly different. It is not yet known what this asymmetry is causing.

10Women Can Smell Better

Every second day, my wife and I argue over the freshness of food. It used to wonder on her smelling sense.

How can she be right about the food that has gone out of guarantee, just by smelling it?

Now, I have an answer. Studies show that they use a larger part of the brain specifically for this.

Were you aware of these already? Do you have any such information? If so, please share it with us.