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Masturbation – Exciting facts about self-satisfaction
Masturbation – Exciting facts about self-satisfaction

Masturbation – Exciting facts about self-satisfaction


No denial, but spoiling yourself from time to time, I see nothing bad in that. But the question is – am I supposed to masturbate when I am in a firm partnership with a person whom I loved more than anything else or I am supposed to behave like a real masturbation abstainer?

Let me start this by saying that self-satisfaction is an awesome thing. It can give you wings and freeze your body, both at the same time, at the final moment. Those who had experienced such wings, they know what I am talking about. Here under are a few more exciting facts about self-satisfaction or masturbation that I am going to reveal.

#1 – Men masturbate more often than women

Now, this is the truth of the century and dear men, you cannot deny from this. I know this is a shocker, but we have to live with it.

Statistics have already confirmed that 9% of men satisfy themselves and this is on regular basis i.e. every day! In case of women, it looks a bit different; only 1% of the ladies put their own hands in their undies every day to get something good.

#2 – How it works, most of us know this

The puberty is the age when we first get to know about our body properly. You don’t need academic lessons for this and you will learn a lot about the sexuality from your friends or from various other resources like internet and teen magazines.

It is no surprise that only 30% of men and women have explicitly informed themselves about the possibilities of self- sufficiency. You often get these things by the way.

#3 – Women are superior to men

Also in terms of self-sufficiency, there are virgins – both male and female. The survey revealed that 7% of the men never put their own hands. We really did not expect that. For women it is even twice as men – 14% of themselves say that they refuse masturbation and never spoil themselves sexually.

Amazing and shocking, but true it is.

#4 – Masturbation is also important in a relationship

As soon as we have a permanent partner, the percentage differences between men and women are not so great: 11% of the men completely renounce self-satisfaction in a relationship and also 16% of the women are of the opinion that the partner is sexually satisfied enough.

Nevertheless, the majority people masturbate despite having a permanent relationship and that too on regular basis. And that is also right and good, because who knows what you like, can exchange in bed with his partner better and enjoy the sex even more.

#5 – Together, a solo ride is twice as fun

The many benefits of self- sufficiency as experienced by many couples in bed together. It can be very erotic to watch the better half as he or she spoils himself. And, the orgasm can also increase through masturbation.

If you have never tried it yet, we can only recommend it, just be courageous and get to know yourself even better!