Male Fertility Reasons & Solutions for Poor Fertility

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A pregnancy is not only a woman’s task, male fertility also plays an important role in the conception of a child. Without the seed from a male, a baby cannot come naturally by his own in the world.

The sperm from his semen can, by fertilizing the ovum, conceive a child. Ultimately, there are two so involved! When a couple fails to conceive within one year of their relationship, people start raising questions on their fertility and relationship basis. In many civilizations, people believe that women are responsible for infertility, however, as per the medical studies, a male fertility is equally responsible and a man can be “guilty” for this shortcoming. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a close consideration of the things that affect fertility chances of your husband!

Many people think dealing with fertility is very hard because they are completely or partially ignorant about the reason or factors behind the impotency. Should you know the reasons, you can then easily find a solution. Men may experience fertility problems for various reasons. Pathological congenital, Genital infections, Working environment etc. are a few very common factors behind the infertility.

Factors that leads to lower Male Fertility

Heat Decreases Male Fertility

Do you know that the boy testicles descend into the scrotum because the temperature is too high for them to exercise their functions and develop? So, men who work in a hot environment like furnaces can develop infertility because sperm fails to mature at high temperatures. In addition, sauna and hot baths are other very common factors that have a direct impact on male fertility.

Infections Of The Testes

There are research documents that claim that some STDs can seriously affect fertility. For example, Chlamydia infections that affect the testicles. A semen analysis can detect quality.

Injuries And Inguinal Hernias

Some trauma can affect pathways leading to sperm or testicles. Also, evolving fatal inguinal hernias may affect sperm ducts leading to a decrease in the male fertility.

Congenital Anomalies

Congenital abnormalities that leads to infertility are varied. They can affect the testicle or any other level of driving sperm (sperm ducts). There may also be congenital abnormalities in sperm formation in its quality.


Varicocele is also known as scrotum varicose veins or, is manifested through the veins to the testicles because venous return is hampered. Varicocele is a dilation of the testicular veins, often on the left side of the scrotum and with a higher frequency in adolescents. It affects men aged between 15 and 25 years. Varicocele is caused most frequently by a change in position normal shedding vein sperm left renal vein left.

Autoimmunity and Male Fertility

In some cases, though quite rare, the body begins and develops antibodies to their own sperm. In this case, the culprit is the immune system that automatically weakens the immune system required (immunocompromised or immunosuppressed) to protect sperm as long as they try to conceive.


Cryptorchidism is a situation when the baby boy is born without testes. In medical terms – when a baby boy grows inside his mother’s womb, his testicles typically form inside his abdomen and move down into the scrotum shortly before birth. However, there are cases in the medical histories where a move or descent fail is noticed. This medical condition is known as undescended testicles (or cryptorchidism). A child born with such abnormality will develop infertility in adulthood, in case the situation is not resolved when it is small.

Hormonal Disorders And Male Fertility

Men can suffer hormonal imbalances that affect the genitals and tone will decrease fertility. Usually, these hormonal disorders are treated and restored fertile man.

How To Increase Of Paternity

Let Relax Your Husband

Stress can alter the production of sperm. You may have no more sex at all! Therefore, make sure that your husband gets enough sleep and exercise regularly. Please note that it is not a marathon because excessive exercise reduces the testosterone level. And, this, in turn, reduces the chances of fertility. You need to encourage him doing some relaxation exercises, such as meditation or deep breathes in and out. Have you ever thought to give him a massage as it can put him in the mood for sex!

Reduce Body Temperature

Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs can increase your husband’s body temperature on a temporary basis, thus a reduction in the amount and quality of sperm. So, keep your husband especially away from heat and let the electric blanket in the cupboard for some time. The laptop on your lap is also a seed killer: research has shown that men who put their laptops directly on their lap have a higher temperature in their testicles. Thus, they make less semen. Therefore, if you see that your man puts his laptop on his lap, ask him to put it on a desk! Researchers are also convinced about the idea of wearing tight boxers as it can actually raise your body temperature and reduce the amount of sperm.

Stop His Bad Habits 

Smoking and drinking cannot be good for your husband, it reduces his sperm count and longevity. This combination is particularly harmful to fertility chances. Various studies show that men (who smoke) have less need of sex. And, who wants that? Do fix these habits before they fix your man!

Improve His Diet

A shortage of vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, zinc, selenium, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids affect the sperm production and quality in a negative way. So, make sure that your husband eats a nutritious and balanced diet. You can also try a daily multi-vitamin pill. Besides, as the old saying – the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. You need to make sure you use it in the bedroom!

Have Regular Sex 

Abstinence may give your libido a boost, but this will also lower the chances of pregnancy. If your man postpones sex – and often take a cold shower – to ‘save’ his sperm, then let him rethink his strategy. Why? Male fertility research suggests that couples who have several times a day sex have the best chances of pregnancy. Should your man facing a low sperm count, then it is better to have sex every two days instead, doing it only once a fortnight.

Besides, there are a lot of other things that affect male fertility. There is an Israeli study that claims that man who keeps their mobile phone in the pant pocket have abnormally low sperm concentration. While there are studies that say – “The relationship between diet and male fertility is interesting, and today, many experts strongly believe that men who eat more fruits and vegetables have better quality sperm. At the same time, it was discovered that men who ate white fish at least three times a week had a sperm quality better than those who rarely or never ate fish.

Don’t give up. If it’s your dream to have a child, there’s a way, whether it is through medical treatment of your fertility, through a donor, by an adoption, or surrogate. There is a child out there. Just be persistent.