Making Things Right – Facts About Bullying You Should Know

Making Things Right - Facts About Bullying You Should Know
Making Things Right - Facts About Bullying You Should Know
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  1. Bullying is everywhere.
  2. Victims must not be ignored.
  3. It can destroy someone's entire life.

As adults, it may be difficult to understand the extent and harmful consequences of bullying.

Perhaps, for many of us, it’s not that serious, but normal “teasing” between colleagues, or a phase through which every school children pass through. But, in real bullying creates bullies and victims, who often remain trapped in a harmful pattern.

We All Know What This Is:

There’s always a boy or a girl, who is required to make a small group known as a “gang.” To show their dominance, they find their targets; the one who are easy to mock. They are vulnerable children, seen to be different, or “uncool” geek girl or boy who is shy and sad.

Bullying is manifest differently in different situations. For boys, it is often more visible, being about threats and physical violence. But, in the case of girls, it can be just as bad, maybe worse.

It could start from teasing, mocking, and can go up to the extent of harming someone’s self-esteem. In short, be it physical aggression or symbolic word: but both forms are equally harmful.

This can make us more empathetic, by the way of their behavior, but does not mean that we can close our eyes and ignore. Bullies often fall into the vicious cycle of aggression. No child is born “bad.” Only the experiences made him behave like a victim or bully.

Who Are The Victims?

Children are like any other children, but weaker than the abusers. More importantly, these children often come from families with problems: they themselves are witnesses or victims of bullying at home.

In general, the easy target are those children who have few or no friends, who are afraid of being a part of a group, who do not know how to defend, and how to face challenges. They are emotionally affected and the worst part is, they don’t even know how to show it.

What are the real effects of bullying?

If behaviors are ignored and not stop and help, bullies remain caught in this pattern of behavior: basically teaches that it is better and easier to be the aggressor than to be weak.

But, the terrible effects of this can be seen among the victims of these bullies in schools. The children are more vulnerable, weak, isolated, and different.

The kids who are already at the peak of sensitivity, and the fact of being ridiculed, threatened, even strike more effects than we might think. The initial reactions of bullying’s victim are stress and anxiety. The child does not want to go to school.

The second biggest reaction is running away. As the weak student will find it very hard to cope up with thugs, he will try to avoid school.

Sadly, these children rarely go to parents with their problem, either because they do not see how it can be could or because of shame. And, after sometimes victims of school thugs come to believe that somehow they deserved that treatment.

They start believing the things what they are told about like they are ugly, fat, weird, etc. Finally, they end up losing every ounce of self-confidence and courage.

After a few years, these victims become internally weak and worthless. They start believing that others are better and start accepting their aggressive behavior.

What Can We Do?

Unfortunately, teachers are not in a situation where they can learn everything about that happens among students.

And, when things are brought to their notice, they take it as a normal teasing and refrain themselves from intervening;leaving children to fend for themselves and to face the challenges alone.

But, both bullies and victims need intervention; they need help. Adults should not stay out as long as they can do something.

As parents, it is necessary to have immediate contact with teachers and other parents. As teachers, we must warn immediate families of children and must intervene directly to stop these sorts of attacks.

Bullying is not just a “child’s play” and is not just a phase through which children have to go through while schooling.

It is a real problem with real effects. We must not let the children pass through such experiences alone.

Do not forget that there have been sad cases of suicide by sensitive children who were tormented and mocked by their peers.