Make your Wedding Celebration a memorable one

Make your Wedding Celebration a memorable one
Make your Wedding Celebration a memorable one
Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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“Okay, so invitations are with printing guys, bridal make-up sessions are fixed, photographers are on hold, dresses are ready and caterers are done. All done.”

No denial, while planning a wedding celebration, several things, either big or small, has to be done with perfection to ensure flawless enjoyment for the host as well as the guests. But, if you are not with the right caterer, things may not work as planned.

Irrefutably, in a wedding, upset and confused guests are the biggest turn-off. Every host want to make his wedding celebration the best and memorable for the lifetime. Hiring a reliable and stress-free source for handling all the catering connected needs, is the only way out.

Think of a guest, ask yourself, what is the most important part of a wedding. It is food that terms a wedding successful or unsuccessful.

As the time passes by, people will remember the enjoyment of splendid banquet they had at your wedding celebration, not those exclusive wedding decorations or that expensive wedding attires. Below are a few tips to avoid hassles from a wedding host’s perspective.

 Do not think of doing the catering yourself

Just to save a few bucks, some parties would consider doing the catering of their own. They won’t hire an experienced provider who is in the business and knows all the bits and pieces of a wedding arrangement.

By the end, they will be messing up everything just because of the failure of multilevel coordination required for a smoother transition. So, the wise option is, leave it to the experienced and own best professionals of the field.

Hire the best and fire the rest

Reputation matters. Very few people give importance to the reputation and the credentials of the caterer they are hiring. A hundred of caterers are there in the market, who can promise anything to grab your event.

Do not fall for a cheap one. Do you R&D and personal checks. Knowing them better would help you understand their skills, knowledge and previous history in providing services for weddings and receptions.

Where is the party, Dude?

A supporting atmosphere is a must. No use of hosting your celebration at a place which is ideally not accessible. Think of a situation, a small place in which your guests are accommodated in rush and push – sounds weird.

Always make sure that you select the most appropriate venue according to the approximate number of guests and space required.

What to expect from the catering company?

Do not be a ‘Yes-Man’ to your caterer. Raise questions and ask for things. Pen-down all the requirements, instructions and specific requests related to the services expected from the caterer. This would help you in post evaluation of services and overall quality.

Avoid having unusual food menu

Choose your food menu carefully. No use of opting for food items that are not appreciated by the people living in the community.

Some are religiously bonded for restricted eatables and some are interested in specifically traditional servings.

Underestimation or excessive estimation means shortage or wastage

You must have a reasonable guess of your guests before you fix a caterer. Bad planning and ignoring approximations in head counts of guests and family people can lead to shortage or wastage of food.

Try to keep a cushion arrangement with the help of your caterer to overcome this situation.

Ratio of wait-staff

Confirm with your wedding caterer what would be the ratio of wait-staff as per the guests. It is advisable to fix the adequate number of wait-staff for ensuring trouble-free catering services. They should be professionally uniformed to serve in your wedding event.

Security and crowd control?

Nowadays, miscreants are targeting marriage functions and incidents of thefts are increasing. Make your guests feel comfortable and hire some crowd control or security staff.

An overcrowded place can put off the enjoyment of many and especially the aged ones would get hurt in jostle situations. Ask your caterer to take care in avoiding these types of circumstances.

Why keep a dog and bark yourself? In simpler terms, I see no good purpose of doing something myself when I can hire someone for doing that and that too in a proficient manner.

Before you choose one, do not miss asking for few photos of their events and references to whom they hosted.

Get everything in writing, let it be the breakage, payment terms, cancellation policies, overtime fees, interiors, decorations, server to guest ratio, menu items and other services included.